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Genre: Progressive Rock
Albums: 2112, Fly By Night, Vapor Trails, Snakes and Arrows, Test For Echo, Roll The Bones, Hold Your Fire
Hits: "Tom Sawyer", "Limelight",  "Fly By Night", "Roll the Bones", "Time Stands Still", "2112:Overture/Temples of Syrinx"

Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that has been entertaining fans since the late 60’s.  Rush can be placed in the same category as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  Rush is a rock band whose style and influence has evolved over the years.  Rush’s influences include rock bands like Metallica and The Smashing Pumpkins.  Rush was officially formed in May of 1971.

Rush’s sound is a mix of blues-inspired heavy metal and has progressed to a more modern rock sound.  In 1994, Rush was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  This talented music band has sought out the best of the best band members that add a little something extra special to their name. Several members of the band have been penned as most proficient in their respective instruments and have even won awards for it. 

Rush has provided a diverse sound over for over thirty years of composing music.  Rush has composed almost twenty different studio albums throughout the years and have never had a problem with fans coming back for more.  Rush is known for their live performances that are performed as if you were listening straight off their album.  Some of their recent and popular albums include “Feedback” and “Snakes and Arrows.”  Don’t miss a live performance by this classic rock band!  Buy your Rush tickets today and experience the excitement of a Rush concert live!

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A Band One Must Revere It is very arguable that, pound for pound, RUSH could possibly be the greatest band of all time. I do not know any other band, Beatles and Rolling Stones included, who have excelled to greater heights in longevity, talent, musical progression and evolution, artistic passion, and a lasting love and respect for one another and their fans than RUSH. In all objectivity as a student of contemporary music history, and I cannot honestly think of any other band who have achieved such noble attributes, and they did it all on their own terms. The Clockwork Angels concert in Cincinnati was inspiring, breathtaking, raw, heavy, and beautiful. Multiple bands bundle in an attempt to create such an amazing show but, unfortunately due to lack of experience, knowledge or chemistry, fail to do what RUSH did alone on that stage. The string ensemble was a stroke of genius, and they complemented the band perfectly. RUSH are one of a kind. They are amazing and everything they do demands respect. July 10, 2013
STILL Rocking Nearly 40 Years Later! Having been a long-time fan (since my 7th grade year which was 76-77), I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these three guys! I saw the Dallas stop on their Time Machine tour in September 2010. They performed some songs they hadn't performed in a long time, such as the title cut from 'Presto,' as well 'Moving Pictures' in its entirety. They also debuted two new songs [Caravans and BU2B] that will be on their forthcoming new CD and Neil Peart performed his new drum solo, always a welcome part of the RUSH concert experience. The best thing about RUSH's three members - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart - is that they are still at their peak performance capabilities nearly 40 years after their debut. Geddy's voice has gotten richer over the years as has his bass playing. Alex's playing always soars ((or at least that is the way it feels to me!). Neil's drumming has always been a joy & thrill to listen to and watch; his lyric-writing has just gotten better than ever and more thought-provoking. The enjoyment, glee and pure pleasure these guys still exhibit in performing together is still very obvious. As a fan, that makes their concerts that much more a pleasurable experience. I urge everyone to attend at least one RUSH concert. Their music just rocks even today. There are very, very few groups about which this can be said. Long live RUSH!!!! May 4, 2011
Rush Rocks Again I've seen Rush 26 times. never a bad show. This tour was great, they are better the older they get. Worth every penny, for sure... they played for over 3 hours. October 13, 2010
Rush does it EVERY TIME! It does not matter how many times I see Rush perform live (I saw my first Rush show in Houston way back in 1989), it is incredible every single time. I caught their last show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, and it was more of the same. Good.` Let's face it, a Rush concert is not like a box of chocolates. You do know what you are getting every time. Here is the equation: incredible musical performances + funny videos + mind boggling drum solo = incredible Rush concert that will take you back to the first time you...went to a Rush concert. But that is okay. It wouldn't be the "Time Machine Tour" if they didn't take you back somewhere familiar. The coolest part of the show was hearing "Moving Pictures" performed live in its entirety for the first time ever. Even though you certainly know what to expect from Rush, they always manage to come up with another wrinkle to make it interesting. And even if they didn't, they would still be one of the most musically talented bands touring today. Rush is still the closest thing to a sure thing in live music. September 27, 2010
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