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Formula 1 auto racing tickets

Formula One Race Tickets


The Components of Formula One

The Formula One Car

  • It takes four days to build.
  • 2.4-Litre naturally aspirated V8 Engine.
  • Gearbox has 7 forward gears and 1 for reverse.
  • Generates 5G's of lateral acceleration.
  • 0 - 60mph in 2.3 seconds.
  • 100mph in 3.8 seconds.
  • 0 to 100mph and back to 0mph in 5.5 seconds.
  • Carbon-Carbon disc brakes can exceed temperatures of 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tyres can reach temperatures of 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Top speed around 220mph
  • Total weight 1,411 pounds.

The Grand Prix

  • Each Grand Prix starts with a qualifying system known as the "knock-out" system which contains three periods.
  • Refueling is not allowed during the qualifying races.
  • For each period the drivers will compete for the best lap time to solidify their starting grid position.
  • First Period:
    • All 24 cars compete in the first period.
    • The 7 slowest cars are eliminated and take up the last 7 grid positions (18 to 24).
  • Second Period:
    • All lap times are reset.
    • The remaining 17 cars take part, with the 7 slowest cars taking grid positions 11-17.
    • The last 10 drivers are given the option to carry over their fastest time to period three rather than compete.
  • Third Period:
    • The remaining 10 cars compete for pole position, filling grid positions 1-10.
  • The Race:
  • After the qualifying periods is the only time a car is refueled in F1. If you run out of fuel, you are done.
  • Starts with a warm-up lap, followed by the formation lap, where the cars assemble into the starting grid positions they qualified for.
  • The race is started from a stand-still indicated by a five light system above the starting line.
  • The first driver to cross the finish line after completing the allotted number of laps wins the race.

The F1 Driver

  • Burns approximately 600 calories per Grand Prix.
  • Loses around 4.5 Pounds per Grand Prix.
  • Exposed to average cockpit temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit during a Grand Prix.
  • Wear a five layer, fire-resistant, NASA-spec race suit that allows them to survive temperatures of 1,544 degrees Fahrenheit for 11 seconds.
  • Typically shifts gears 2,800 times per Grand Prix.
  • Heart rate reaches peaks of 190 bpm during a Grand Prix.
  • Each driver is assigned a number based on the previous seasons performance. The Champion and his team-mate get numbers one and two.

Formula One Teams

  • In the course of a year, F1 teams will practice an average of 1,000 pitstops.
  • It takes a pitstop crew approximately 5 seconds to re-boot and re-fuel the car.
  • Teams travel approximaely 100,000 miles each year between races and testing.
  • Every F1 team must run two cars in every session in a Grand Prix weekend.
  • Have an annual budget of more than $3 billion.
  • The largest teams typically spend over $400 million per season.
  • The FIA limits the number of teams - there are currently 11.
    • Red Bull Racing-Renault
    • Lotus - Renault
    • Ferrari
    • Mercedes
    • Force India  -Mercedes
    • Sauber - Ferrari
    • McLaren - Mercedes
    • STR-Ferrari
    • Williams - Renault
    • Marussia-Cosworth
    • Caterham-Renault

The Point System

  • Points are awarded to the top ten drivers of each Grand Prix.
  • At the end of the season the driver and constructor with the most points are named World Champions.
    • 1st = 25 points
    • 2nd = 18 points
    • 3rd = 15 points
    • 4th = 12 points
    • 5th = 10 points
    • 6th = 8 points
    • 7th = 6 points
    • 8th = 4 points
    • 9th = 2 points
    • 10th = 1 point
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