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NHL Child Ticket Policy

Ian Delaplaine - February 3, 2016Fans looking to bring kids to a NHL game, often are confused if they need to purchase tickets for their kids, or if they will be allowed to enter the stadium for free. While there is no master NHL child ticket policy, each team does allow for free admittance to a certain group of children based on either a height, or age requirement. The majority of NHL teams allow for free child admittance for kids who have yet to reach their 2nd birthday, while a number of other teams have slightly more generous free admittance policies. We have put together a complete list of Child Ticket Policies for all 30 NHL teams, so you know exactly...full article

NFL Child Ticket Policy

Ian Delaplaine - July 28, 2015Families bringing children to NFL games are frequently unsure if they are required to purchase tickets for those children, or if they will be allowed free admittance into the stadium. There is no master child ticket policy that governs all NFL teams, meaning that each individual team and stadium sets their own child ticket policy. For most teams, there is a simple age requirement, while others have restrictions on height, and some require that all children entering the stadium havefull article

Gameday at the Georgia Dome

Jayme Lamm - November 15, 2015My favorite part about the Falcons game was by far the fans. They showed extreme hospitality during the tailgate (and mind you, we were decked out in as much opposing team gear humanly possible). They were warm and inviting and even took time to give some of our other fans directions to our tailgate spot (the stadium is a bit confusing, and there is a lot of construction going on right now with the new stadium being ...full article

Does My Child Need a Ticket to a NBA Game

Ian Delaplaine - December 17, 2015Families looking to bring young children to NBA games are often wondering if they will be required to purchase a ticket for their child, or if the venue will let them in for free. Each NBA team and venue sets their own child ticket policy, and there is no universal child ticket policy that governs all NBA teams. Every NBA team offers free child admittance for certain children, with most teams allowing children under a certain age to enter for free. A few teams do their free child admittance based on...full article
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