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After the long awaited start of the college football season has come and gone, fans prepare for the final stretch of college football before the 7 month hiatus takes over once again. While every fan’s team doesn’t always make the cut, every fan enters the college football bowl season with a full game list itinerary with one initiative; overdose on college football. The first year of the College Football Playoff produced a fantastic finish, with 3rd string quarterback Cardale Jones leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to an improbable National Championship. The victory by the 4th seeded Ohio State legitimized the new system, and has fans eager to see what will play out in the 2nd year.

Surprisingly, the price for the National Championship game dropped significantly for the first year of the CFP. The 2014 BCS National Championship had a median ticket price of $729, while the CFP Championship game between the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes had a median ticket price of $623. A possible reason for the decline in price, was the fact that the teams played an extra game, with many of the Ducks fans traveling to the Rose bowl, and Buckeyes fans to the Sugar Bowl a few weeks before. The possibility of adding teams with large fan bases like Oklahoma, Clemson, Notre Dame, or Michigan State to the 2nd CFP, could drive demand for this year’s playoff.

A team’s proximity to the bowl games location is huge, but a team’s prestige as well as the overall popularity of the bowl game in question can also manipulate a bowl games average ticket price. The two CFP semifinal games, the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl both featured premier matchups between schools with major fan bases, but median ticket prices fell for both games with prices for the Sugar Bowl at $288, and the Rose Bowl at $193. Maybe the most surprising ticket price from a season ago came at another of the New Year’s 6 bowl games, with the Orange Bowl between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Mississippi State Bulldogs pulling in an extremely low median ticket price of only $27. The other 3 New Year’s 6 Bowl Games the Cotton Bowl ($115), Peach Bowl ($111), and Fiesta Bowl ($90) all saw lower than normal prices as well. With the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl slated to serve as the sites for this seasons semi final games, the demand is expected to rise for those games.

Ticket prices based on averages as of November 1st, 2015

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