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Famous Chick-fil-A-Peach-Bowl Games

Famous Chick-fil-A-Peach-Bowl Games

The 2018 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

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Famous Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Chick fil-A Bowl, & Peach Bowl Games

The 1971 Peach Bowl was one to remember, as the player from Ole Miss and Georgia Tech fought it out in the rain and mud. Mississippi dominated the first half, scoring five touchdowns and a field goal while Georgia struggled to get its offense moving. The field was a veritable swamp, as rain continued to pour, and puddles splashed in wide arches as Ole Miss moved the ball down the field. Georgia Tech could not even gain possession of the ball until the score was 10-0, and could not convert a first down in the first quarter. Ole Miss's Norris Weese made Ole Miss look healthy and strong in a year that was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Instead, it was a winning yeat. Ole Miss won the Peach Bowl with little answer from Georgia Tech, 41-18.

The 1973 Peach Bowl game was a battle of defenses and kickers. The Georgia defense gave up 461 yards to the Maryland Terrapins, yet allowed Maryland only one touchdown on a 68-yard bomb. Georgia broke a 10-10 tie with an eight yard drive on a Maryland fumble, holding on for the win, 17-16. Maryland kicker Steve Mike-Mayer kicked three field goals for the Terps.

The 1974 Peach Bowl will go down in history as one of the most boring bowl games ever. Both Vanderbilt and Texas Tech scored two field goals a piece, which resulted in a 6-6 tie. The only other game to have tied with a lower score is the 1947 "Ice Bowl" (or Cotton Bowl), when LSU and Arkansas tied 0-0.

The 1989 Peach Bowl was an absolute upset. Georgia played Syracuse for the National Championship title, and dominated the scoreboard for nearly the entire game. However, in the last 25 seconds, Syracuse K. John Bishop kicked a 26-yard field goal for a Syracuse win, 19-18.

The 1995 Peach Bowl hosted Virginia and Georgia, in a duel that would repeat 3 years later. Virginia controlled the game with a score of 27-17 after three quarters. In the fourth quarter, Georgia kicked a field goal and returned a fumble deep in Virginia territory, and Jason Ferguson picked up the loose ball and ran it 10 yards for the touchdown. In the ensuing overtime, Virginia's Demetrius Allen ran the opening kickoff for an 83-yard return touchdown, earning Virginia the victory, 34-27.

The 1998 Chick-fil-A peach bowl was a repeat of the 1995 match-up, as Virginia and Georgia squared away once again. Virginia built a 21-point lead early on, but Georgia fought back to make the score 35-33 with only 1:35 remaining. Georgia kicked an onside kick for their final kickoff, which was recovered by Virginia. This set up a 48-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds of the game. However, Todd Braveman's kick went wide, and Georgia held on to win, 35-33.