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College Baseball Tickets

"We had fanastic seats this year to two of the CWS games. What a great experience what great seats!" - Jim, Phoenix, AZ

College Baseball Ticket Information

College baseball fans get the luxury of having one of the most affordable tickets in the NCAA. For most regular season games getting a seat below $50 is not-uncommon, in fact it’s more of a standard. While signature matchups could potentially drive demand up, it’s not likely to miss out on a college baseball game due to a lack of available tickets. As the regular season begins to wind down and conference tournaments start, the average ticket price may see a bump but still remain on the lower end of ticket prices in college sports.

The College World Series is the big finale in college baseball and the average ticket price takes full advantage of the tournaments popularity. With 64 teams converging into one of the most historic tournaments in the NCAA, the CWS offers an extremely sought after ticket. Tickets for the CWS are normally released prior to a full list of the teams playing in the tournament and in 2014 this factor played no obstacle in slowing down the demand as games began to sell out instantly.

Prior to the CWS bracket being solidified, 2014 average ticket prices for the first 14 games of the tournament landed at $126 with all-session passes going for an average price of $305. If you are headed up to Omaha and plan on attending multiple games the all-session pass is by far the biggest bang for your buck.

The championship rounds of the 2014 CWS averaged out at $205 with the “if necessary” game 3 taking the cake at $233. General admission CWS tickets are also available at TD Ameritrade Park and typically go for a bit less than their seated counterparts. For instance in 2014, while game 3 of the championship round had an average price of $233 the get-in price for the game started at $89.

Ticket prices based on averages as of September 4, 2014

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