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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Men's Basketball Tournament is one of the most popular collegiate sporting events in America and boasts some of the oldest rivalries in the sport. The winner of the event receives an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. The tournament began in 1954, a year after the conference was created, and the first championship game pitted North Carolina State against Wake Forest. The finale was won by N.C. State 82-80 and kicked off years of domination by schools in North Carolina. For the first 17 years of the conference's existence, the ACC Championship was won by a North Carolina college, with the lone exception coming in 1958 when Maryland upset North Carolina to take its first title.

With the arrival of basketball juggernauts Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh for the 2013 season, the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament has begun a new era of high-profile rivalries that is bound to create a few classics along the way. The tourney has now taken center stage in the conference championship pool as teams vie to win at-large bids and build up a resumé to make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Fans attending the ACC Tournament buy tickets for sessions instead of individual games, so make sure to check this page to find what session your team is playing in. Score with TicketCity - the place to go for ACC Basketball Tournament tickets.

2016 ACC Basketball Tournament Preview

The ACC is known for being a basketball powerhouse and 2015 is no exception. The addition of Louisville in 2015 has made the ACC better than ever and the 2015 ACC Basketball Tournament looks like a gauntlet. Coming into the 2015 College Basketball season, the ACC had 4 teams that looked capable of winning it all with Duke, Virginia, Louisville, and North Carolina, throw in strong Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh teams and the ACC might be the best conference from top to bottom in 2015. To win the 2015 ACC Basketball Tournament will likely take beating 3 ranked teams and will put the winner in great position heading into the NCAA Tournament. The 2015 ACC Tournament will be played from March 10th-14th, at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Check out our ACC Basketball Tournament Preview History page for previews of previous ACC Basketball Tournaments.

ACC Basketball Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum

Address: 1921 W Lee St, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27403

The ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament is held at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.. It pits every team in the Atlantic Coast Conference against each other in a bracket-style tournament, with the winner getting an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. Teams are seeded from #1 to #15, with the top four seeds getting first-round byes.

Lower Level

Sections 1 through 32. Those sections at midcourt have rows lettered from A-D, then AA-XX. Behind the baskets the rows go from A-L, then AA-XX. Sections 109 and and 125 are at midcourt. Sections 101, 102, 132 and 116-118 are behind the baskets.

Upper Level

Sections 201-240 of the Greensboro Coliseum, this is the cheaper way to get into the the ACC Championship. Rows A-Z start off the sections, then they go up to AAA, BBB, ect..

Greensboro Coliseum Seating Chart

ACC Basketball Tournament Sessions

Session 1

Both early games on Wednesday. #8 vs. #9 and #5 vs. #12.

Session 2

Both later games on Wednesday, #7 vs. #10 and #6 vs. #11.

Session 3

Second round, two early games on Thursday. It's the first games for #1 and #4 seeds.

Session 4

Second round, two later games on Thursday. It's the first games for #2 and #3 seeds.

Session 5

Both matchups in the semifinals on Friday.

Session 6

Admission to the ACC Championship Game. It is the only session that is only one game.

ACC Basketball Tournament Video

ACC Basketball Tournament Event Guide

What is the best time to buy tickets for the ACC Tournament?

If you’re just going as a spectator and not a fan of any specific team, buy as early as possible. If you want to see your team, wait until you know what seed they are and then jump on tickets for that session!

Can I buy tickets for just the game that my team is playing in?

For this tournament, tickets are only sold as sessions and therefore you are buying a pass to two games (unless it’s the final).

Where can I find the ACC tournament schedule?

The 2014 ACC tournament schedule is listed as soon as it is made available by the tournament, and TicketCity has all the dates and times posted above for all sessions. The tournament is split up into sessions, with each session containing two games except for the last one, which is just the championship game. The gates usually open one hour before the first game of every session. The ACC tournament is in Greensboro, NC and runs from March 12-16 at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Where should I go to eat or drink before the ACC Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum?

There's not a lot near the stadium, so we'd suggest checking out the restaurants and bars in the downtown Greenboro area. There are lots of place off Elm Street, check out Churchill's and Grey's Tavern.

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