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Big 12 Conference Tournament Bracket

Big 12 Conference Tournament Bracket


2016 Big 12 Tournament Bracket Information

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While the Big 12 has garnered most of its attention from success in football, the conference’s competitive presence in college basketball is far from un-noticed. There is no better confirmation of the conference’s talent than at the Big 12 Basketball Tournament that includes a bracket complete with some of the most prestigious schools in the NCAA. Though college basketball powerhouse, Kansas, has dominated the Big 12 bracket in the past, recent pushes from Texas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Baylor have displayed the conference’s strength in basketball.

Conference realignments in 2011 altered the tournaments bracket to the 10-team structure that is currently in place. The single-elimination tournament is compiled of 4 rounds and grants the top 4 seeds with a first round bye. Each round of the Big 12 bracket is coupled with a total of 5 sessions. With an exception to session 5, the Big 12 Championship Game, each session in the Big 12 Tournament features 2 games.

2016 Big 12 Tournament Bracket Preview

The 2015 Big 12 Tournament is staying put in Kansas City and will be taking place March 11-14 at the Sprint Center. With the Nation's top 25 riddled with teams from the Big 12, the 2015 bracket is sure to be one of the years toughest. #9 Iowa State took home the title a year ago and has proven strong competing with the likes of #11 Kansas and #17 Texas. Likely contenders to fill the Big 12 bracket include #18 West Virginia, #19 Oklahoma, and #21 Baylor. There is plenty of basketball to be played in the 2015 season, but all signs point to another strong year from the Big 12 Tournament.

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