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The Classics

Army vs. Navy

"Army - Navy Game"

The rivalry between Annapolis and West Point commenced back in 1890 and on some occasions the Commander-in-Chief's Tropy may be awarded to the winning team. Due to the triangular rivalry that includes the Air Force Academy the trophy is not always involved in the Army -- Navy Game but inner-service bragging rights are always included in the victory.

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Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

"Bedlam Series"

Like many intrastate rivalries the OU OSU rivalry extends far beyond football. The rivalries beginnings actually stem from the two schools' wrestling programs back in the 1900's. From there the Sooners and Cowboys have taken this rivalry mentality into every event they compete with each other in, in fact the Beldam Series eventually adopted a point system in order to decide the all athletic winning school.

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Florida vs. Georgia

"Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"

Known just as much for what goes on outside the stadium as on the field, the Florida -- Georgia rivalry is an event experience that any college football fan would be lucky to be a part of. The game is now held in Jacksonville annually, and memorable moments like the “Gator Stomp” in 2007 keep everyone coming back for more.

Florida vs. Florida State

"Sunshine Showdown"

The Sunshine Showdown is rooted back to the post-World War 2 days in 1947 when Florida State became a coed university and established it's Football Program. Before the two teams ever met on the football field the rivalry was born out of pride. Now the Seminoles and the Gators settle the dispute on the field where the winner takes home the Florida Cup filled with pride.

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Oregon vs. Oregon St.

"Civil War"

The seventh oldest college football rivalry in the NCAA has taken on many names, most recent the "Civil War". One of the biggest rivalry mysteries comes from the beef between the Ducks and the Beavers when the game winners trophy, the Platypus Trophy, went missing for 40 years and didn't re-emerge until 2005.

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Texas A&M vs. LSU

"A&M - LSU Game"

Though the proximity of the two universities are relatively close, the A&M - LSU rivalry has been highly intermittent with breaks of 9, 15, and 19 years between contests. With Texas A&M arrival to the SEC in 2012 this is a trend that will die out as it becomes an annual event. Both the Tigers and Aggies have built strong home-field advantages making this rivalry exciting no matter where its played.

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Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

"The Egg Bowl"

Meeting every year since 1901, the Rebels and the Bulldogs fight for state bragging rights in the Egg Bowl. While not a bowl in the usual sense, the game is always the biggest of the year for both teams as the tenacity is unparalleled. Coaches can keep or lose their job on whether their team wins the battle, one that Ole Miss has the upper hand in thus far.

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LSU vs. Arkansas

"Battle for the Golden Boot"

Though the Golden Boot has only been apart of the rivalry since '96 Louisiana State and Arkansas have been butting heads since 1901. The 4 foot, 175 lb. boot is a 24-karat Gold mold of the two states that resembles a boot so well there is no other nickname the rivalry could have been given.

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Clemson vs. South Carolina

"Palmetto Bowl"

With annual rivalry rituals like the "Tiger Burn" and a "Mock Cocky Funeral" the bitterness between the Tigers and the Gamecocks is truly in a league of its own. Resulting from historic tensions regarding school charters the "Battle of the Palmetto State" rivalry has been played consecutively since 1909 and is one of the longest uninterrupted series in sports.

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Georgia vs. Georgia Tech

"Clean, Old-Fashion Hate"

With only 70 miles separating the two schools it is not uncommon to hear that the UGA Bulldog Statue has gone missing or that the Ramblin' Wreck has been taken. Both of which have happened on multiple occasions. After a win in the heated rivalry known as "Clean, Old-Fashion Hate" Georgia's Chapel Bell or Georgia Tech's Ramblin' Wreck will sound all night.

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Arizona vs. Arizona State

"The Duel in the Desert"

Every year the Sun Devils and the Wildcats take the field and compete for the one of the NCAA's oldest trophy rivalry games. The fight for the Territorial Cup has been taking place since 1899 and has been certified as the NCAA's oldest trophy.

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Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

"Battle for the Commonwealth"

Outside the Commonwealth it is not uncommon to see Hokies and Cavaliers rooting for one another. However the line is drawn inside the Commonwealth and the cordial rivalry takes an intense turn when these two schools are matched up against one another.

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