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Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Cotton Bowl Stadium, Dallas, TX.
Saturday, October 14, 2017

Texas - OU Rivalry Experience

The Red River Showdown (aka: Red River Rivalry & Red River Shootout) has been one of college football's top games for over a century. The University of Oklahoma Sooners and University of Texas Longhorns have been playing each other in football since 1900. Their early games were home match-ups that rotated between Norman, Oklahoma (or OKC) and Austin, Texas. In 1912, Texas & Oklahoma played in Dallas for the first time with OU winning 21-6. The atmosphere for the game at the neutral site was such a hit that in 1914 the schools moved the game to Dallas permanently. Every TX/OU game since then has been played in Dallas, with the majority of them being hosted at the Cotton Bowl.

This legendary matchup is known by many names; Oklahoma fans commonly refer to it as OU/Texas game and Longhorns fans call it Texas/OU weekend. Many folks know it as the Red River Showdown. Since corporate sponsorships have gotten involved some have taken to calling it the Red River Rivalry. One thing that all fans who have attended will agree upon is that the Texas/Oklahoma match-up at the Cotton Bowl is truly unique. There are other legendary rivals in college football, but few (if any) can match the excitement of Sooners-Longhorns.

One of the best features of the Longhorns vs Sooners game is the backdrop; the game is played in the Cotton Bowl which is situated in the middle of the State Fair of Texas. Before kickoff thousands of Sooners fans and Longhorns fans get to enjoy the best of the State Fair. There are the great rides and attractions like Big Tex and the Texas Star. There are games on the carnival midway where OU & Texas fans compete. But most importantly there is great food and drinks all across Fair Park. The majority of fans who have attended this game have eaten a famous Fletcher's corn dog. Many of those same fans have had a cold beer, or soda, in the unique wax cups the State Fair distributes. The State Fair is the perfect atmosphere for a college football game; it is lots of great food, fun games and entertainment that is family friendly.

Once you leave the sites, sounds and smells of the State Fair to walk into the Cotton Bowl; you then are witness to one of the great pictures in college football. The crowd at the Cotton Bowl is split into two distinct halves; the crimson clad fans of OU sit on one side and Texas fans on the other. The fans split the 50 yard lines; Texas' side runs from Section 6 to Section 24, OU's is 24 to 36 and 1 to 6. Sections 6 and 24, where the two sides overlap, are equally split: Sec 6: seats 1-14 are OU, seats 15-28 are TX; Sec 24: seats 1-14 are TX, seats 15-28 are OU.

The split seating is one of the factors that make TX-OU tickets so expensive because no fan is willing to sit on the opponent's side of the field. And the fans are not just colorful, they are also loud. The Cotton Bowl holds over 90,000 fans and many of them are right on top of the field. So the energy of the crowd is pulsing through the stadium; it's impossible not to get excited if you are sitting in the stands at TX/OU.

So for fans considering buying OU Texas tickets; you already know the State Fair is awesome and the atmosphere inside the Cotton Bowl is incredible. What makes a Texas Oklahoma game even better is that both teams are good. Many years this game in Dallas is not just to decide the Big 12 South division, it is often a springboard to the national championship. Texas and Oklahoma often both come in highly ranked, so whoever wins has an inside track to the Big 12 Championship Game and possible the BCS National Championship Game. Watching these top teams compete in the unique Cotton Bowl atmosphere where the fans are so intense is something to behold. If you have never attended a TX OU game, then you are truly missing out. Buy some Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners tickets today and go see this great game.

How can I buy cheap Texas/OU tickets?

TicketCity offers a large selection of Texas/OU tickets which includes some of the lowest priced seats on the market. Red River Rivalry ticket prices fluctuate based on demand for both Texas and Oklahoma leading up to the tournament. Both teams being ranked typically push demand higher, as well as ticket prices. The opposite can happen if both teams have not performed well leading up to the game in Dallas. The Texas/OU rivalry game is one of the best games in college football annually, so if you’re looking for cheap tickets you may want to act early before the big push right before the game.

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