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 2016 Counting Crows Tickets and Tour Schedule

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The Counting Crows is an American rock band formed in 1991 when singer Adam Duritz and guitarist David Bryson from Berkeley, California Began playing together in the coffeehouses of San Francisco. The unique band name was inspired by a superstitious British nursery rhyme, One for Sorrow. Starting the band with initially two members, Duritz and Bryson both agreed on expanding it.

The band’s debut album titled August and Everything After was released in 1993. Since the Counting Crows thoroughly believe and focus on live performances, they toured extensively throughout 1993 and 1994 promoting their music. Their first single ‘Mr. Jones’ earned airtime on MTV and unexpectedly became a hit. Bringing immense interest and stardom to the band. The album, August and After became the fastest-selling album since Nirvana’s Never mind. In 1995, the Counting Crows performed in only two concerts, allowing Duritz time and mind frame to write a set of songs that released as part of their second album, Recovering the Satellites, in 1996. In the year 1999, the band released yet another album named This Desert Life. The album carried successful songs like ‘Hangin’ Around’ and ‘Color Blind’ which sky rocketed the sales of this album.

The Counting Crows further released albums titled Hard Candy (2002), Films About Ghosts (2003), Underwater Sunshine (2012), Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow (2013) along with a few other live show Albums. Their popular songs include ‘Accidentally in Love’ that featured on the soundtrack of the movie Shrek 2 and won them a nomination at the Academy Awards. The band is brilliant with live performance. Their shows are full of energy and passion that the crowds have come to love. Score with TicketCity - the place to go for Counting Crows Tickets.

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Counting Crows Tour Information

Counting Crows Somewhere Under Wonderland Tour

Counting Crows’s released their album "Somewhere Under Wonderland," in September 2014. Not long after the release of the album, the Counting Crows took to the road again in another World Tour. The Somewhere Under Wonderland Tour will see Adam Duritz and company perform accross Europe and return to the United States in late July 2015. With shows scheduled from Miami to Santa Barbara, the Somewhere Under Wonderland tour will take the Counting Crows to thousands of fans on more than 3 months full of shows. The setlist for the tour is expected to contain many songs from the new album, as well as many of Counting Crows most beloved songs from the past.

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 2016 Counting Crows Tickets and Tour Schedule
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