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 2016 Evanescence Tickets and Schedule

Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray, Tim McCord
Genre: Rock Music / Aleternative Music / Pop Music
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Albums: Evanescence, Sound Asleep, Origin Big, Fallen, Anywhere but Home, The Open Door
Hits: "Bringing Me to Life", "Going Under", "My Immortal"

Evanescence is an American alternative rock band that took their start in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This rock band consists of two guitarists and one very musically talented woman named Amy Lee as the star of the show.  Amy founded the band Evanescence with her former lead guitarist Ben Moody.  Amy's talent is not limited to an awe-inspiring voice but she is also a pianist and songwriter.  Amy's mysterious and dark side made her decide on the name of the band; derived from the word "evanesce," which means "to disappear."  Today, the band only consists of Amy and her two guitarists.
The sound of Evanescence is defined by Amy Lee's powerful and melodious voice while rocking the stage with the piano and Terry Balsamo's intricate guitar tunes.  Together they create their unique rock and classical sound.  Amy Lee was influenced by alot of death metal, goth, rock, and classical genres; which may be why now the music she creates is so complex, intricate, and dramatic. 
Evanescence has sold nearly 15 million records worldwide.  Evanescence has won two Grammy Awards.  One award for Best New Artist in 2004 and the other for Best Hard Rock Performance for "Bring Me To Life."  There is no way that you would want to miss Evanescence live and be able to witness the "Best Hard Rock Performance" group show off their talents.  This will be one of the most exhilarating and musically intoxicating experiences you will ever be able to witness.  Buy your Evanescence tickets today and experience the excitment of an Evanescence concert live!


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 2016 Evanescence Tickets and Schedule
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