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The Fresh Beat Band is one of the biggest kid-friendly music crazes to come along since The Wiggles, and it has spawned a country-wide tour that has netted millions for Nick Jr. The live-action television show is meant for preschoolers and follows four young band members, Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer), Marina (Tara Perry), Twist (Jon Beavers) and Shout (Thomas Hobson) as they work through everyday problems that they face while attending music school together. The show aims to help young children understand the importance of self-expression through music and dance and gives them a beginner's course into musical terminology.

Since debuting in 2009, the Fresh Beat Band has become a wildly popular show for preschoolers and parents alike. Each show begins with a song that details the preschool-appropriate problem that the group will face over the course of the episode. The gang then explores all the ways that kids can solve their issues the right way, whether it's problems with sharing, meeting new friends or respecting each other's differences. After figuring out a solution, the group ends their show with the song, "Great Day!" which concludes each episode.

The Fresh Beat Band started to gain new listeners when a few of their songs were put onto iTunes and quickly became best-sellers in the music service's children's category. In response to the overwhelming success of the Nick Jr. show and the growing number of fans, the Fresh Beat Band has begun a nationwide tour so little ones can get a chance to see their music idols in action. The live performances are set up much like the structure of the TV show, with a typical preschool conflict being presented and the band members finding the best way to solve it. The show features all of the biggest hits from the show and has been selling out at theatres all over the country.

Along with the band's new tour, the Fresh Beat Band also released an album on January 31, 2012 dubbed: The Fresh Beat Band: Music From the Hit TV Show. The record looks to be a big-time seller and parents love to know that there is a safe musical option that they can buy their children. Between their nationwide tour, successful TV program and a new album, there's plenty for families to like about The Fresh Beat Band.

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