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Members: Garrett Dutton, Jeffrey Clemens, Mark Boyce, Timo Shanko
Genre: Alternative hip-hop
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Albums: Back in the Day (1993); G. Love and Special Sauce (1994); Coast to Coast Motel (1995); Has Gone Country (1998); Oh Yeah (1998); Yeah, It's That Easy (1997); Philadelphonic (1999); Front Porch Loungin (2000); Electric Mile (2001); Best Of (2002); The Hustle (2004); Lemonade (2006); Superhero Brother (2008); Long Way Down (2009); Fixin' To Die (2011)
Hits: "Stepping Stone," "Astronaut"

G. Love & Special Sauce aren't your typical R&B act. In a unique twist of blues, folk, rap, alternative and other influences, G. Love and Special Sauce has been a revelation in the music business since their debut in the early '90s. The group, consisting of G. Love (Garrett Dutton) on guitar/vocals/harmonica, Jeff Clemens on drums and Jim Prescott on bass originally hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but met up in Boston in the early '90s and began playing together. in 1994, the band released their self-titled debut album on Okeh Records, and the group's single "Cold Beverage" became a surprise hit. The poppy, bluesy number nearly catapulted the album to gold status and helped the group secure a slew of touring opportunities soon after.

Although G. Love & Special Sauce came roaring out of the gates, their follow-up album, Coast to Coast Motel, did not sell as well as their debut record. While critics praised it as a worthy sophomore effort, the downturn nearly caused the group to break up over internal discord and finances. After pursuing a range of side projects, the group came back together in 1997 to release their third album, Yeah, It's That Easy. The release was heavy on collaborations with other artists in their genre and was noted for its far more soulful vibe than the catchy rhythms of the past.

Over the latter course of the 1990s and 2000s, G. Love and Special Sauce continued to refine and expand their range of musical influences, and that is certainly notable in their albums Philadelphonic, Electric Mile and Front Porch Loungin'. The records, which boast a variety of styles like electronica, hip-hop, blues and funk, showcase how the band could move effortlessly between genres. After a long hiatus that saw the band go on a variety of world tours and take many different gigs, the group released Superhero Brother in 2008,

After the departure of bassist Jim Prescott from the band in 2009, G. Love and Special Sauce have pursued a wide range of solo projects, as well as projects with the band itself, such as 2009's Long Way Down. While the group certainly has had its fair share of lineup changes, style evolution and peaks and valleys along the way, G. Love and Special Sauce has proven to be a quite resilient group that has managed to stay relevant on the ever-changing music scene.

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