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Hard Rock & Metal Tickets

"Judas Priest is one of the best shows I have been to, recommend going to anyone that likes hard n heavy rock!"- Andrew, Victoria, Canada

Popular Hard Rock & Metal Concerts

1. Green Day

2. Iron Maiden

3. Blink 182

4. Nickelback

5. Bring Me the Horizon

6. Simple Plan

7. Metallica

8. Rammstein


10. The Damned

Hard Rock & Metal Concert Tickets Information

Most notably identified by the intense crunching sound of guitar licks, the hard rock genre has given the music industry some of the best rock shows around. From the early days of bands like KISS and Motley Crue to the later sounds of Metallica and Nine Inch Nails, rock & roll has been filling arenas for decades. When it comes to loud music and the natural gift of “head-banging” there is no genre that produces a show like a hard rock concert. Whether you’re there for the mosh pit or prefer a seat in the back, any ticket to see your favorite rock band is a good ticket.