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The Indigo Girls are a folk music duo from Atlanta, Georgia consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Sailers. The two have been friends since childhood and began making music together while they were in high school. By the mid 1980’s the Indigo Girls were recording original music and in 1987, they released their first studio album, Strange Fire. Strange Fire earned the Indigo Girls a lot of attention and in 1988, they were signed to a record deal by Epic Records. In February of 1989, the Indigo Girls released their second second album, Indigo Girls. The Indigo Girls self-titled major label debut received critical acclaim and did well commercially, going gold after six months and eventually going platinum. In 1990, the Indigo Girls self-titled album won them the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. The Indigo Girls were also nominated for Best New Artist that year.

Throughout the 1990s, the Indigo Girls remained very busy, releasing five studio albums. This steady output helped the Indigo Girls remain relevant as one of the most popular acts in American folk music. With the arrival of the 2000’s, the Indigo Girls didn’t slow down at all, releasing four studio albums during that decade. Their last album with Epic Records was 2004’s All That We Let In. With this album, the Indigo Girls had finally fulfilled their contractual obligation to Epic Records. The Indigo Girls were briefly signed to Hollywood Records, releasing their next studio album with them, but they decided to go independent in 2007 and still remain independent today.

After the release of Beauty Queen Sister in 2011, the Indigo Girls took the longest recording hiatus of their career, going four full years without releasing a studio album. In early 2015, the Indigo Girls announced that they would finally be releasing their fourteenth studio album, One Lost Day, in June. The Indigo Girls will go on a tour across North America in 2015 to promote their album. Score with TicketCity – the place to go for Indigo Girls One Lost Day tour tickets.

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Indigo Girls Tour Information

One Lost Day Tour

In June of 2015, Indigo Girls are expected to release One Lost Day, their fourteenth studio album. In support of their album, Indigo Girls will be performing across the concert this spring and summer. Major stops on this tour will include a performance with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra on April 30th, a performance with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra on June 20th. Indigo Girls will also be making appearances at several folk music festivals this summer.

Beauty Queen Sister Tour

In October of 2011, Indigo Girls released their thirteenth studio album, Beauty Queen Sister. In support of their album, the Indigo Girls toured across the United States and Australia playing concerts in major cities. All though the Indigo Girls have remained an active touring act the past few years, this is notable for being their last tour in support of a new album until 2015, marking the longest recording hiatus of the Indigo Girls career.

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2017 Indigo Girls Tickets and Schedule
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