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Lil Wayne got his start in rap music when he was still little. The child prodigy signed his first record deal when he was just nine years old and had his first two platinum records in at seventeen, one as solo artist and the other as a member of the Hot Boys. Staying solo, the master of gangsta rap and self-promotion finally became a household name with 2004’s Tha Carter, which became the marquee name in the Lil Wayne franchise and led to Tha Carter II the following year. Buoyed by CD sales and digital downloads, Lil Wayne found himself in demand as a collaborator on other rapper’s worker and a headliner on tour. His 2008 CD, Tha Carter III, sold a million copies in its first week and put three songs in the top ten, included Lollipop, which held the top spot for five weeks. Respect followed his success, and not just from fans. Tha Carter III earned the innovative Lil Wayne a 2009 Grammy for Best Rap Album and set the stage for Tha Carter IV. The New Orleans native has stuck to roots and established a following as hardcore as his lyrics. Even troubles with his record label have not kept Lil Wayne off the charts as he released several singles in advance of Tha Carter V. An artist who recognizes fan loyalty, he has released several mixtapes in between larger studio releases, giving his core followers a musical fix. This strategy has led to more than fifty million record sales and downloads, and perhaps more impressively than anything, given Lil Wayne more hits than any man in history. In 2012, he passed Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, as the all-time leader in charted songs with 109. That’s an accomplishment that makes Lil Wayne a giant in the industry and enough to convince fans to check out his next release and catch him on his 2015 tour.

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When you’ve appeared on more Billboard singles than any man in history, you have a lot of songs to draw from, and Lil Wayne covers a sizable chunk of them night after night on his 2015 tour. With an attitude and an energy that are both hardcore, Lil Wayne has become expert at whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Touring with several acts that cover the contemporary gangsta scene, Lil Wayne can reach back into his vault of hip-hop platinum and pull out fan favorites like Stuntin’ Like My Daddy, Right Above It, or A Milli, or dip into 2015 selections like Glory or Nothing But Trouble. His consistent release of new material and willingness to go old-school or up-to-date have made his concerts unique events, even when surrounded by other standout artists at a large and lengthy music festival because he refuses to let the music, or his approach to it, get old. Lil Wayne’s fiery delivery, commercial licks, and stage bravado call the audience in. He is as invested in his performance as his fans, never letting up or slowing down, and as his 2015 tour proves, Lil Wayne is even more enticing live than he is in the studio.

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