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Formed in 2004, Rebelution hails from Santa Barbara, California, and has been a fixture in the Cali-reggae scene that has sprouted up over the past several decades. The original band members, Eric Rachmany and Matt Velasquez on vocals and guitar, Rory Carey on keyboards, Wesley Finley on drums and Marley D. Williams on bass met in college while living in Isla Vista, California, and soon found that they had great chemistry together. After playing local shows and festivals, the group released their first EP in 2005, and steadily built up a following in the Southern California area that would lead to mainstream success in the future.

In 2007, Rebelution released their first full-length album entitled Courage To Grow. The namesake proved to be a fitting one for the band, as the album proved to be a breakthrough for the group. The single, "Safe and Sound," would see plenty of airtime on west coast radio stations and would become a major hit on digital download websites like iTunes. The album was even named the Best Reggae Album of 2007 by the music delivery service. The record would climb to No. 4 on Billboard's Top Reggae Charts and would prove to be a major jumping off point for the group.

In 2009, Rebelution would form its own record label, 87 Music, named after the group's address during their college days. The group's second full-length release, Bright Side of Life, would prove to be an even bigger hit and would jump to the No. 1 spot on iTunes' reggae download rankings and would capture the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Reggae Albums chart and soar to No. 34 on the magazine's Top 200 Albums chart. The single, "Bright Side of Life," would dominate many internet downloading lists and become a crowd favorite at Rebelution's shows.

Following the success of their first two albums, Rebelution would depart from their usual formula with 2012's Peace of Mind. In addition to the original studio album, the group would release two accompanying versions of the record with a stripped-down acoustic recording and another dub remixed by Easy Star's Michael Goldwasser. The album would debut at No. 13 on the Billboard Top 200 and showcased just how popular the group's sound had become to reach across genres and find new listeners. With each successive release, Rebelution seems to reinvent their style and sound in unexpected ways, ensuring that they'll be a fixture on the reggae scene for the foreseeable future.

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