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2016 Adele Tickets and Concert Tour Schedule
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Adele is one of the most critically acclaimed and noteworthy singer-songwriters of her generation. Hailing from the Tottenham area of London, Adele is the latest of a growing list of musical sensations to emerge from London. Adele spent much of her early years obsessed with her voice and dreaming of bringing her music to the stage. At the age of 16, Adele wrote and composed her first single titled “Hometown Glory,” in 2007. The initial release included the title track “Hometown Glory,” as well as a second track “Best for Last.” Hometown Glory didn’t initially reach the charts, but gave Adele a jumping off point for her first full length album that would debut a year later. “19” is the title of Adele’s first full length album, which would also serve as her first commercial success. The album debuted at number 1 in the UK, and reached as high as number 4 in the United States.

Following the release of 19, Adele embarked on her first major headlining tour, titled “An Evening With Adele.” The tour included over 78 shows in total, and brought Adele’s inspiring voice to large live audiences for the first time. Adele’s live performances quickly gained notoriety, and Adele Concert Tickets became some of the fastest selling tickets on the market. Following the success of 19, and An Evening With Adele, the artist released her 2nd full length studio album “21” in 2001. The album topped charts in more than 30 countries and pushed Adele to the highest levels in the music industry. Adele performed hits like “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone like you,” on her supporting tour “Adele Live.”

Adele’s music has grown to a point where concert announcements cause a frenzy, and concert ticket sales go through the roof. The artist has avoided touring on an annual basis, which has helped create demand for Adele Concerts, when tours are announced.

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Adele Live 2016

Following the release of her 3rd studio album “25” Adele announced her first major headlining tour in 5 years. The tour would be called “Adele Live 2016,” and is scheduled to spend major time in Europe, before heading to North America, for an extended tour through the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Adele Live 2016 tickets sold at record pace, with the demand causing the artist to schedule multiple shows in cities such as Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin. Adele tickets reached some of the highest prices on the market, while demand continues to soar. Adele Live 2016 may be the most anticipated tour of 2016.

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2016 Adele Tickets and Concert Tour Schedule
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