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Members: Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Formed: London, England
Albums: Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (1968); Mr. Wonderful (1968); Then Play On (1969); Kiln House (1970); Future Games (1971); Bare Trees (1972); Penguin (1973); Mystery to Me (1973); Heroes Are Hard to Find (1974); Fleetwood Mac (1975); Rumours (1977); Tusk (1979); Mirage (1982); Tango in the Night (1987); Behind the Mask (1990); Time (1995); Say You Will (2003)
Awards: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, 1 Grammy Award
Hits: "Dreams", "Hold Me", "Little Lies"
Other: Rumours is the 8th best selling album of all time. All Fleetwood Mac Tour Dates

While now a household name, the band with one of the best selling albums of all time to their credit began with the splintering of another notable English rock band in the late 60's. The story begins when Peter Green left the band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, where Green himself had been the replacement for one Eric Clapton. Green took fellow Bluesbreaker Mick Fleetwood with him, and would eventually convince John McVie to join them. Convincing McVie to leave wasn't easy, and Green and Fleetwood even had the idea to include him in the new band name: Fleetwood Mac.

The band released their first album in 1968, a self titled release that would climb to #4 on the UK charts, but did not spawn any singles. The band's original sound was more blues influenced rock, which lasted through their first three albums. That changed, along with the lineup, in the early 70s with the release of Kiln House. Founding member Peter Green departed, and soon to be full-member Christine McVie, John McVie's wife, performed some backing vocals. She would be a full member with the release of Future Games in 1971.

The band continued to release albums in the 70s, seeing modest chart success in the US with each. The road to Fleetwood Mac's most well known line up ended with the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks and the release of their second self-titled album, 1975's Fleetwood Mac. While their success up to that point may have been modest, Fleetwood Mac was a major international hit, landing at #1 in the US and eventually going 5x Platinum.

The sudden, breakout success took a significant toll on the band. Relationships fractured and substance abuse accelerated. The emotional price paid for their breakout album had one silver lining. These experiences became the building blocks of their follow-up album, 1977's Rumors. Rumors became one of the biggest albums of all time, having sold over 19 million copies in the US alone. On release it charted #1 in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. It spent 31 (nonconsecutive) weeks as the #1 album on the Billboard 200.

By comparison the follow-up to Rumors, Tusk, sold "only" around 2 million copies in the US. In the harsh light of it's predecessor, Tusk was considered something of a failure, though it did hit #1 in the UK and spawned three hit singles. 1982's Mirage returned to a more "conventional" Fleetwood Mac sound, and gave the band another #1 album in the US. The famed "Rumors-lineup" of Fleetwood Mac released a final album in 1987 before it, too, began to splinter.

Buckingham departed in 1987, and the Rumors lineup wouldn't be seen again until the 1993 presidential inauguration. After a couple albums in the 90s with limited commercial success, Mick Fleetwood disbanded the group in 1997, a move that would not last very long. While the retirement of Christine McVie in 1998 has remained permanent, the remainder of the Rumors-lineup have been touring on and off throughout the 2000s. They released another studio album called Say You Will in 2003.

With one top albums of all time to their name, Fleetwood Mac has weathered a number of changes, but remains much the same today. Seeing the band whose influence on so many modern artists is a rare opportunity and one that shouldn't be missed . With a catalog of radio staples that very few artists can hope to match, fans are always sure to have a great time. Check out this legendary band when they fill an arena near you.

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