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2017 Santana Tickets and Tour Schedule
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The American musician Carlos Santana was born in Mexico on the 20th of July, 1947. He dominated the 1960s and the early part of 1970s while playing in his band which was called “Santana”. The band is known to be one of the pioneers of rock and Latin American fusion. The main highlight of the band was the melodic tunes echoing from his guitar. He used to play a blues based guitar while following African and Latin American rhythms. His music made use of instruments such as the conga and timbales which produced unique music. This technique helped him create great music and his band was very successful due to that. The special thing about his music was that rock music had never featured the sound of such instruments before. This is why Santana’s music became very famous and he continued to rise in fame for many decades. During the 1990s, Santana’s music began to resurface and he was again able to rise again on the map. This fact was illustrated in the Rolling Stones magazine which listed Santana on number 15 out of 100 of their list of the best guitarists of all time. This helped in creating a unique place for Santana in the musical world. He has led a highly successful career so far which has won him a total of 10 Grammy awards in various categories and he has won 3 Latin Grammy Awards as well. Santana was greatly influenced by the music of B.B. King and many similar musicians. He was further exposed to many other forms of music as well, while growing up, including jazz and folk music. Also, the fact that he was able to witness the growth of the hippie movement had a great impact on his music.

Santana had started his professional life as dishwasher, but he quickly abandoned it in favor of becoming a full time musician. This dream turned into a reality in 1966 when he got his big break at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West, and rose to fame. It all happened on a Sunday when Paul Butterfield was supposed to perform at the Sunday matinee show. Butterfield could not perform on the day as he was intoxicated. Graham quickly tried to assemble a band through his connections but was in need of guitarists and Santana’s manager was quick to suggest Santana’s name. During the performance, Santana performed a solo which was much appreciated by the crowd and was able to get the attention of Graham. This worked out well for Santana and he gradually rose to stardom. Santana’s unique music has earned him a large fan base which is clear from all his performances. Score with TicketCity - the place to go for Santana Tickets

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Santana Corazan Tour

In 2014, Santana released its 22nd studio album titled Corazan. The album was the first for Santana since 2012, and only the third release by the iconic band since 2005. The album was an instant success, registering a double platinum status and selling over 100,000 copies in North America alone. Following the release of Corazan, rumors began to circulate about an upcoming Santana Tour. Those rumors turned out to be true, as Santana announced a world tour in support of Corazan. The Santana Corazan Tour schedule includes dozens of shows around North America, before heading to Europe. The Corazan Tour will finish in Las Vegas, with multiple shows at the House of Blues Mandalay Bay. Santana Corazan Tour Tickets quickly shot up in demand and have been some of the most sought after in 2015.

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2017 Santana Tickets and Tour Schedule