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Genre: Latin Pop, Pop, Dance
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Albums: Enrique Iglesias (1995); Vivir (1997); Cosas del Amor (1998); Enrique (1999); Escape (2001); Quizás (2002); 7 (2003); Insomniac (2007); Euphoria (2010)
Awards: 1 Grammy, 1 Latin Grammy
Hits: "Bailamos," "Be with You," "Hero," "I Like It," "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)"
Other: Son of Julio Iglesias.

Musical success runs in the family for Enrique Iglesias. The son of Julio Iglesias, one of Latin music's biggest stars in the 70s and 80s, Enrique's brand of Latin pop took over in the 90s, catapulting him to international success. Enrique didn't wish to rely on his father's fame to jump-start his career, though, and financed his own first album.

His self titled debut arrived in 1995 and found immediate success. A string of five #1 hits climbed the US Latin charts between 1995 and 1996, and the album would eventually be Platinum certified. Enrique built on that success with 1997's Vivir, which added three more #1's to his rapidly growing catalog.

1998 saw the release of Cosas del Amor, which would be his last Spanish-language effort before setting out to dominate the English charts. That project began with Enrique. Released in 1999, the album would introduce him to the English-language charts with hits like "Bailamos" and "Be with You."

His sophomore English effort, Escape, would become his biggest selling album to date, moving over 11 million copies worldwide and earning 3x Platinum certification in the US. While the album flew off the shelves, it did not score any additional #1 hits in the US for Enrique, though the single "Hero" made it to #1 in a number of countries worldwide.

Iglesias returned to his Spanish-language roots briefly with 2002's Quizás, but the reminder of the decade was comprised almost entirely of English language, Latin infused pop. 2010's Euphoria changed things up a bit. The album is bilingual, with six Spanish and seven English songs. The combination proved successful, spawning hits on both the US and US Latin charts.

Never far from a stage, Enrique Iglesias maintains a heavy touring schedule, bringing his hits to millions of fans all over the world. His stage shows have all the power and visual excitement expected from such a skilled hitmaker. Get your tickets for a show today!

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