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Texas Stadium Experience - A review by Hans Steiniger

Texas Stadium Experience

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Texas Stadium passed into history in April of 2010. We've preserved Hans' visit to the old stadium as a piece of Cowboy's history.

Texas Stadium

Hans Steiniger at Texas Stadium

Week Two of the NFL regular season took me to Dallas, Texas to watch as "America's Team" locked horns with the Philadelphia Eagles on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Hurricane Ike had left the city of Houston in a real mess and forced the postponement of the Houston Texans football game on Sunday, but with the Dallas Cowboys primed for a pivotal divisional battle on the last Monday Night Football game in Texas Stadium, I was ready for some football.

Tailgating began at around 3:00pm in the parking lots surrounding Texas Stadium. If you can prearrange a parking pass for the Blue Lot, you can park right around the periphery of Texas Stadium, but for the less fortunate, paid parking, which is $30.00, is only available in the Red Lot, which is about a mile's walk from the stadium gates. The Parking lots fill up pretty quickly as anxious Cowboy fans prepare for the evenings festivities. Steaks and burgers, sausages and ribs are all put to fire as this meat lover's paradise begins the business of the pregame feast. The great State of Texas does everything larger that life and fan interest in the Dallas Cowboys is no exception. Texans from all over the State come to watch the Cowboys and fan enthusiasm is evident all over the parking lot before gametime. Lots of beer and lots of meat are consumed in preparation for another rousing gameday experience, as fans come early to tailgate in the parking lot and they stay late afterwards to celebrate their victories.

It's said that the hole in the roof of Texas Stadium allows God to watch His team, well on this Monday night, He saw one heckuva good game. I sat in the endzone, twelve rows from the field, another fantastic score from TicketCity.com! There's definitely something magical about sitting at field level. You really get a much better appreciation for the route running of the wideouts and the zip that an NFL quarterback can put on the football. When the Cowboys and Eagles took to the field, the offensive explosion began as touchdowns were traded in a Texas shootout that resulted in a 41 - 37 win for the home team.

Texas Stadium is definitely a great place to watch a football game. Aside from the history of five championships that were won within these hallowed halls, they have great food and there isn't a bad seat in the house. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders more than lived up to the hype and the atmosphere at game time in Texas Stadium is electric. I can only imagine what it will be like when Jerry Jones opens his massive homage to the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington next year.

- Hans Steiniger for TicketCity.com

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