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Burning Man is one of the most notorious festivals in the world, and tickets for this one-of-a-kind experience are in high demand, and with high demand comes high ticket prices. Prices for Burning Man tickets have remained relatively consistent, with the cheapest price for a Burning Man pass coming in at $797 in 2016. 2017 saw the highest ticket price for Burning Man, with an average ticket price of $819.

Burning Man Festival Average Ticket Prices

(Data updated 9/1/2017)

Burning Man is one of the best known arts festivals in the world, and is a huge celebration of everything that makes us human. The established organizational team have made the week-long festival a part of the Burning Man Project, which is a non-profit organization who put the money into creating the community and spirit of the event. It allows for the vast space to be used for everything it needs in order to stick with its principles and ideals.

At the end of August/beginning of September, an area of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada gains a temporary city. This city is home to almost 70,000 people who come from all walks of life to celebrate Burning Man. The city is meticulously planned, in a C shape, and has everything you could want in such a place. There is a central hub for meeting and experiencing some of the city’s institutions, there are many different neighborhoods with subcultures as their center. Some of last year’s themed camps included ones based on gin and tonic, cats, New York pizza and going into the complete unknown. Other city areas include workshops usually based on the year’s overall theme, art installations, music stages and even an airport. This year’s theme is titled Radical Ritual, and will involve the burning of the man inside a temple structure that will have been used through the week for various ceremonies and as a sanctuary for community members.

Burning Man is more than an average festival, it is an institution - more like a religious holiday or a family reunion. It’s an opportunity for those who are willing to dedicate themselves totally to a different lifestyle for the week, whatever that lifestyle might be. There is a ton of history and backstory to the way the festival is run, but the short of it is that Burning Man has established its own principles as an experimental community of art and culture. These principles are integral to the whole experience, and all members of the community are encouraged to implement them. They include respecting and welcoming all other members of the community, giving gifts rather than asking for money for goods and wares, radical self-expression - going away from your normal lifestyle and trying new ways of living that make you feel great, and making sure that the desert is left in as good a state as it was before the festival began by getting involved in looking after yourself and your environment. As well as the community - which will have a large variety of activities and events put on by its members - there are numerous art installations that will range from simple to surreal, and many musical and theatrical performances.

There is also the mutant vehicles event, in which community members can submit their modified vehicles. This doesn’t mean merely decorating a van, mind you. The organizers have dictated that the less people can recognize the base vehicle, the more likely that the vehicle will qualify for the project. Even then, there have been over 600 vehicles at Burning Man in previous years. Of course, the main event over the week-long festival is the actual burning of the so called man. The wooden structure is built and stands in the centre of the C shaped city, serving as a focal point. It is traditionally burned on the Saturday night of the festival, and represents the culmination of the art and celebrations that have taken place throughout the week. Burning Man tickets are available for the full week only.

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Burning Man Festival Event Guide

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When do gates open at Burning Man Festival?

The gates to enter the city will open at noon on Sunday, August 27, and not before. Please do not arrive early, as you will be turned away. The city closes at noon on Monday, September 4.

Are children allowed at Burning Man Festival?

All ages are allowed, but the festival organizers are very keen to remind parents and guardians that Burning Man is in the middle of the desert, with a very self-reliance agenda. They do not recommend that you come without being totally prepared for situations. There are also areas that are strictly adults only, with adult themes, so children under 18 should be supervised at all times.

Are pets allowed at Burning Man Festival?

Pets at Burning Man Festival can suffer even more than children, as they are less able to tell you when something is wrong. The environment can be harsh and very dangerous for animals not native, so no animals are allowed at all.

Do I have to arrive on the first day of Burning Man?

No, the gates are manned throughout the week, and will be open for new arrivals any time.

Are single day tickets available for Burning Man Festival?

Single day tickets will not be sold to Burning Man Festival, only week-long passes will be sold.

What food is available at Burning Man Festival?

Other than the Center Camp Cafe there are no vendors for food and drink. It is down to you to bring everything you need for your stay.

How do I get to Burning Man Festival if I don't have a car?

There is an official Rideshare program for Burning Man, and there is a shuttle bus called the Burner Express which runs from Reno to the gate. There is also a designated tents only camp for passengers of the Burner Express.

What should I bring to Burning Man Festival?

Bring enough food and plenty of water (1.5 gallons per person, per day), as well as sun protection - sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, parasols etc - and things to keep you warm in the evenings. The desert can turn very cold in the dark. Bring items to keep your face protected in case of dust storms, a bike to get around and plenty of fun items like costumes, banners and musical instruments. Bring your own portable shower and toilet facilities if possible, and be mindful of the festival policy of disposing of the gray water. You will need everyday items such as first aid supplies, duct tape, trash bags, hand sanitizer and flashlights with spare batteries. If you are bringing a stove to cook with, please use common sense, and accompany it with a fire extinguisher, just in case.

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