Life Is Beautiful Festival Event Guide

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Are children allowed at Life Is Beautiful Festival?

All ages are welcome, and there is an exclusive area called the Kids Are Beautiful Corner, where the younger audience can experience their own art, learning and music.

Where can I stay during Life Is Beautiful Festival?

As the festival is in the centre of Las Vegas, there is no on-site accommodation. However, the plus side is that there are tons of hotels to choose from, for any budget, all within walking distance. Be sure to book early, however.

What items are allowed at Life Is Beautiful Festival?

Small bags and backpacks - sealed water bottle up to 1 liter - blankets and towels - also, bring sunscreen and layers. The sun is dangerous during the day, and the temperature can drop substantially in the evenings.

What items are not allowed at Life Is Beautiful Festival?

Pets - outside food and drink - footballs, frisbees, hula hoops etc - weapons of any kind - illegal substances and paraphernalia