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Notable PGA Championships

Notable PGA Championships

The 2017 PGA Championship

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Notable PGA Championships

The 1916 PGA Championship
Date: Oct. 9-14
Location: Siwanoy Country Club, Bronxville, N.Y.

The christening of the PGA Championship took place on the morning of October 10, 1916 at 9 a.m. in Bronxville, New York Siwanoy Country Club. Tom Kerrigan, the Siwanoy host professional, teed-up first. Competing against him for the 36-hole match play win for the $2,580 purse and first Wanamaker Trophy was the Santa Barbara, California native Charles Adams. Kerrigan took the first round win with a score of 6 and 4.

Soon after, the native of Cornwall, England and resident of Philadelphia "Long Jim" Barnes defeated Kerrigan 3 and 1, while in the tournament quarterfinals. Barnes then contended with Jock Hutchison Sr., a native of golf's observed birthplace, St. Andrews, Scotland, in the finals. The two matched well, as they played to the 36th and final hole. Both came to a pair of five-foot putts on the par 4 for the last hole. Hutchison missed his putt, Barnes took the victory, and became the first to have his name engraved on the Rodman Wanamaker Trophy.

The 1922 PGA Championship
Date: August 12-18
Location: Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

Walter Hagen missed this tournament due to an already busy exhibition schedule. This gave the now 20-year-old Gene Sarazen a chance to make history, which holds today. The 1920 winner, Jock Hutchison Sr. loses to Sarazen. For most of the quarterfinal, Sarazen trails along, as the morning passes into the early afternoon. On the 35th hole, things change as Sarazen closes Hutchison out of the quarterfinal with 3 and 1. Sarazen, then goes on to win against Bobby Cruickshank 3 and 2. In the finals, Sarazen beats Emmett French 4 and 3. He takes home the PGA Champion title, along with becoming the youngest in history to ever win the PGA Championship.

The 1942 PGA Championship
Date: May 23-31
Location: Seaview Country Club, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Though he would have to report for duty the next day, Sam Snead played the 1942 PGA Championship finals, battling another branch of the service in Army Corpral Jim Turnesa. Turnesa, the projected underdog, lead most of the way from the start of the opening round. While Turnesa lead at the 18th hole by 3, Snead started to fight back. Snead leveled the field for both players at the 27th hole and continued to take the win with a birdie on a 60-foot chip shot, claiming his first PGA Championship.

The 1972 PGA Championship
Date: August 3-6
Location: Oakland Hills Country Club, Birmingham, Michigan

Gary Player seemed in a difficult position as he hit two bogeys in the final round, at the 14th and 15th holes, causing a tie with Jim Jamieson. Player slices his shot on a par-4 of the 16th whole, leaving him to think all chances were lost for a win as he watched his ball go behind a weeping willow tree. Approaching his ball he finds it in the rough within an area beaten down by spectators, yet still the obstacle of the trees in front of him and a lake at his right.

When Player realized he couldn't see the flagstick, he uses a borrowed chair from a gallery member to stand on so that he can see the shot. All watched as he took his nine iron out from his bag and then proceeds on to make one of the most sensational recovery hits in championship golf. As the ball whizzes into the air, it just misses the tree and the lake and then lands on a portion of the green, four feet from the cup. Player goes onto sink birdie and pocket his second PGA Championship with par on the last two of the final holes. Jamieson and Tommy Aaron are left finishing two strokes behind. Player becomes the second foreign-born player to have two PGA Championship wins.

The 2000 PGA Championship
Date: August 17-20
Location: Valhalla Country Club, Louisville, Kentucky

Tiger Woods and Bob May both dominated the Southern California Junior ranks together, however they never faced one another in competition. May, having seven years on Woods, dominated the state's junior ranks, with Woods closely following behind. From then, Woods had vowed to someday break all of May's records. Growing up as children, the two of them had only lived 20 minutes apart from one another, finally meeting face to face at the 82nd PGA Championship.

May and Woods, both dueled it out in a fierce competition until the final round that finished in a three-hole playoff. Woods continued to push into the end, as he birdied the last two of the final holes in regulation and the first hole of the 16th. On the last two holes Woods makes the most memorable par save for the trophy. Tiger Woods becomes the first player since 1953's Ben Hogan to win three of the major titles in the same year.

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