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Lawrence, Kansas 
Address:  1651 Naismith Dr, Lawrence, KS 66045
Capacity: 16,300
Year Opened:1955
Occupants: Kansas Jayhawks basketball
Parking:  Parking is available in surround parking garages.

Allen Fieldhouse is one of the legendary venues in college basketball.  Allen Fieldhouse, or The Phog as it is sometimes called, is the home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team.  The Jayhawks are perennially one of the best teams in college basketball, so they have a long and rich tradition.  And much of that tradition comes from the famous arena they play in.

Allen Fieldhouse first opened in 1955.  It is named after Dr. Forrest C. "Phog" Allen, who was the head coach of the Jayhawks men's basketball team for almost four decades.  The capacity for a basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse is approximately 16,300.  And for every KU home game, you can bet that all of those sixteen thousand fans are going to be screaming for the Jayhawks.

There are many traditions at Allen Fieldhouse which any visiting fan will get to witness.  For every Kansas game at Allen the fans will sing the school song and then perform their Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant.  Hearing the loud and in unison "Rock chalk...Jay...Hawk...KU" chant from the crowd is a clear sign that you are at The Phog.  And being part of that type of experience is to be a part of the great history of college basketball.  So buy Allen Fieldhouse tickets today and visit The Phog to see a Kansas Jayhawks game
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