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The Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game is an annual exhibition match between the best players from the American League and the National League, the two smaller leagues constituting the MLB. Also known as the “Midsummer Classic”, the MLB All-Star Game's history started in 1933 at the World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois. It was to be a one-time only affair, but its popularity led to the game being held annually. The game is played in July and marks what is roughly the halfway mark in the MLB season. It is played on the only two days during the season when no major sports events in America play. The MLB All-Star Game provides fans with the unique experience of watching their favorite stars from different teams play together. Check out some of the most Memorable MLB All-Star Games and the MLB All-Star Game Champions

Players in the MLB All-Star Game are selected by fan voting. The pitchers and reserve players are selected by the managers of the teams from the previous year's World Series. Typically, the managers of the game are the managers of the previous World Series as well. In order to make the outcome of the game more meaningful, the league that wins the All-Star Game gets home field advantage for the upcoming World Series. The game is more of a three-day event, with parties and kid-friendly fun happening around the host stadium and city throughout the break. Score with TicketCity - the place to go for MLB All-Star Game tickets.

2016 MLB All-Star Game Preview

The 2015 MLB All-Star Weekend will kick-off at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sunday, July 12 with the Futures & Legends game followed by the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby Monday night at 8:00PM. The weekend will cap with the 2015 MLB All-Star Game where the best players in the league will take the field to play for home field advantage in the 2015 World Series. Be sure to check back as the game draws nearer to find out who made the rosters and a preview of the MLB All-Star Game.

Last year, in his final All-Star game appearance, Derek Jeter lead the American League to a 5-3 win over the National League in the 2014 MLB All-Star Game. The iconic short stop hit 1.000 going 2 for 2 with a double and a single scoring once. The American League took an early jump at Target Field with a 3-0 lead after the first inning and then adding 2 runs in the bottom of the fifth to close out and secure home field advantage in the 2014 World Series.

Check out our MLB All-Star Game Preview History page for previews of previous MLB All-Star Games.

TicketCity at the MLB All-Star Game

Each year TicketCity has a local presence at the MLB All-Star Game, to assist our clients with ticket pickup and additional purchases. As the weekends' events draw near, our sales associates are available for personal assistance as needed. Therefore, clients have the option to purchase online or over the phone and pick up locally at the event.

MLB All-Star Game Video

2016 MLB All-Star Schedule

  • Sunday, July 12 - Futures and Legends Game
  • Monday, July 13 - MLB Home Run Derby
  • Tuesday, July 14 - MLB All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Game Event Guide

Which All-Star Event should I go to?

Each has their niche, but the All-Star Game is one of a kind and is definitely the flag ship of the week. The pitching-hitting showdowns are always intense when it’s between the best in the game, and now that the winner gets homefield advantage, you can see that the players really want to win. The home run derby is plenty of fun too, so go check out both if you have the time and it’s within budget! Check out our MLB All-Star Game Event Guide for more information.

When is the best time to buy tickets for the All-Star Game or Home Run Derby?

Now! As we get closer to the event, the anticipation builds up. The voting gets contentious and there’s always a few players that everyone wants to see after the first half of the season (see: Yasiel Puig).

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2016 MLB All Star Game Tickets and Schedule
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