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2016 American League Division Series (ALDS) - TBD vs. TBD

2016 American League Division Series (ALDS) - TBD vs. TBD


2014 ALDS Results

Los Angeles Angels vs. Kansas City Royals - The Kansas City Royals faced the Los Angeles Angels in the ALDS, defeating them 3-0 in the series. The Royals advance to the ALCS for the first time in decades to face the Baltimore Orioles.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers - The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Detroit Tigers 3-0 in the ALDS to advance and take on the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS.

ALDS Experience

The American League Division Series features two best-of-five-game series between three regular season divisional winners and a fourth Wild Card game winner. Initially the ALDS was played in a 2-3 format but in 1998 the MLB adopted the 2-2-1 format where the higher seed team gets home field advantage in games 1, 2, and 5 while the lower seed team hosts games 3 and 4.

Experiencing the ALDS is a great way to watch the best teams in the American League play at the top of their game. With a season as long as the MLB's reaching the postseason is the ultimate goal for every team and the ALDS is where it all starts. Winners of the divisional series move on to the ALCS with hopes of getting through to the World Series.

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