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Miami Heat Schedule

See current and historical schedules for Miami Heat. TicketCity tracks where and when Miami Heat has been so you can plan where to see them next.

DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
7/2/2018California Classic - 3 Day Pass SacramentoGolden 1 Center$67.00
7/2/2018California Classic - Monday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$26.00
7/3/2018California Classic - Tuesday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$23.00
7/5/2018California Classic - Thursday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$33.00
7/7/2018NBA Summer League - Day 2 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$46.00
7/8/2018NBA Summer League - Day 3 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$0.00
7/10/2018NBA Summer League - Day 5 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$29.00
9/30/2018NBA Preseason - San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$0.00
10/2/2018NBA Preseason - Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$5.00
10/5/2018NBA Preseason - Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$2.00
10/8/2018NBA Preseason - Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$2.00
10/10/2018NBA Preseason - New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$2.00
10/12/2018NBA Preseason - Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/17/2018 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$68.00
10/18/2018 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$10.00
10/20/2018Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
10/24/2018New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
10/27/2018Portland Trail Blazers MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/29/2018Sacramento Kings MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
10/30/2018 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$7.00
11/3/2018 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$48.00
11/5/2018 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$11.00
11/7/2018San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
11/9/2018Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
11/10/2018Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
11/12/2018Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
11/14/2018 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$9.00
11/16/2018 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$26.00
11/18/2018Los Angeles Lakers MiamiKaseya Center$92.00
11/20/2018Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$20.00
11/23/2018 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$18.00
11/25/2018 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$11.00
11/27/2018Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$3.00
11/30/2018New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
12/2/2018Utah Jazz MiamiKaseya Center$2.00
12/4/2018Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
12/7/2018 Phoenix SunsPhoenixFootprint Center$8.00
12/8/2018 Los Angeles ClippersLos Arena$15.00
12/10/2018 Los Angeles Lakers Los Arena$18.00
12/12/2018 Utah JazzSalt Lake CityDelta Center$14.00
12/14/2018 Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$9.00
12/16/2018 New Orleans PelicansNew OrleansSmoothie King Center$13.00
12/20/2018Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
12/22/2018Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$20.00
12/23/2018 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$126.00
12/26/2018Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$76.00
12/28/2018Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$51.00
12/30/2018Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$70.00
1/2/2019 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$13.00
1/4/2019Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$29.00
1/6/2019 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$30.00
1/8/2019Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
1/10/2019Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$18.00
1/12/2019Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$19.00
1/15/2019 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$34.00
1/18/2019 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$11.00
1/19/2019 Chicago Bulls ChicagoUnited Center$29.00
1/21/2019 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$26.00
1/23/2019Los Angeles Clippers MiamiKaseya Center$49.00
1/25/2019 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$3.00
1/27/2019 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$45.00
1/30/2019Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
2/1/2019Oklahoma City Thunder MiamiKaseya Center$25.00
2/2/2019Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
2/5/2019 Portland Trail BlazersPortlandModa Center$10.00
2/8/2019 Sacramento KingsSacramentoGolden 1 Center$46.00
2/10/2019 Golden State WarriorsOaklandOakland Arena$90.00
2/11/2019 Denver NuggetsDenverBall Arena$19.00
2/13/2019 Dallas MavericksDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$24.00
2/21/2019 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$10.00
2/23/2019Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$24.00
2/25/2019Phoenix Suns MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
2/27/2019Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
2/28/2019 Houston Rockets HoustonToyota Center - TX$9.00
3/2/2019Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
3/4/2019Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$23.00
3/6/2019 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$18.00
3/8/2019Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$14.00
3/10/2019Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
3/13/2019Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$27.00
3/15/2019Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$47.00
3/17/2019Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$28.00
3/18/2019 Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma CityPaycom Center$34.00
3/20/2019 San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$25.00
3/22/2019 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$48.00
3/23/2019 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$60.00
3/26/2019Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$37.00
3/28/2019Dallas Mavericks MiamiKaseya Center$50.00
3/30/2019 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$78.00
4/1/2019 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$52.00
4/3/2019Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$80.00
4/5/2019 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$22.00
4/7/2019 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$40.00
4/9/2019Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$105.00
4/10/2019 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$115.00
4/14/2019NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD - Home Game 1 MiamiKaseya Center$103.00
4/16/2019NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD - Home Game 2 MiamiKaseya Center$110.00
4/24/2019NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD - Home Game 3 MiamiKaseya Center$116.00
4/28/2019NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD - Home Game 4 MiamiKaseya Center$221.00
4/30/2019NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD - Home Game 1 MiamiKaseya Center$149.00
5/2/2019NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD - Home Game 2 MiamiKaseya Center$149.00
5/8/2019NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD - Home Game 3 MiamiKaseya Center$254.00
5/13/2019NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD - Home Game 4 MiamiKaseya Center$290.00
5/14/2019NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 1 MiamiKaseya Center$442.00
5/16/2019NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 2 MiamiKaseya Center$442.00
5/23/2019NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 3 MiamiKaseya Center$531.00
5/28/2019NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 4 MiamiKaseya Center$531.00
5/30/2019NBA Finals: TBD - Home Game 1 MiamiKaseya Center$1071.00
6/2/2019NBA Finals: TBD - Home Game 2 MiamiKaseya Center$1093.00
6/10/2019NBA Finals: TBD - Home Game 3 MiamiKaseya Center$1137.00
6/16/2019NBA Finals: TBD - Home Game 4 MiamiKaseya Center$1268.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
7/1/2019California Classic - Monday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$23.00
7/2/2019California Classic - Tuesday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$16.00
7/3/2019California Classic - Wednesday SacramentoGolden 1 Center$10.00
10/6/2019Red, White and Pink Game - Miami HeatMiamiKaseya Center$0.00
10/8/2019NBA Preseason - San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
10/9/2019NBA Preseason - Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$3.00
10/14/2019NBA Preseason - Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
10/17/2019NBA Preseason - Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$4.00
10/18/2019NBA Preseason - Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$31.00
10/23/2019Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$42.00
10/26/2019 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$23.00
10/27/2019 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$20.00
10/29/2019Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$35.00
10/31/2019 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$24.00
11/3/2019Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
11/5/2019 Denver NuggetsDenverBall Arena$13.00
11/7/2019 Phoenix SunsPhoenixFootprint Center$14.00
11/8/2019 Los Angeles LakersLos Arena$87.00
11/12/2019Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
11/14/2019 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$6.00
11/16/2019New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$15.00
11/20/2019Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
11/22/2019 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$26.00
11/23/2019 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$67.00
11/25/2019Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$14.00
11/27/2019 Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$37.00
11/29/2019Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$35.00
12/1/2019 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$14.00
12/3/2019 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$34.00
12/4/2019 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$18.00
12/6/2019Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$3.00
12/8/2019Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
12/10/2019Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
12/13/2019Los Angeles Lakers MiamiKaseya Center$177.00
12/14/2019 Dallas MavericksDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$61.00
12/16/2019 Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$5.00
12/18/2019 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$21.00
12/20/2019New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$40.00
12/23/2019Utah Jazz MiamiKaseya Center$42.00
12/27/2019Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$44.00
12/28/2019Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$55.00
12/30/2019 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$23.00
1/2/2020Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$44.00
1/3/2020 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$166.00
1/5/2020Portland Trail Blazers MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
1/8/2020 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$8.00
1/10/2020 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$22.00
1/12/2020 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$17.00
1/15/2020San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$59.00
1/17/2020 Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma CityPaycom Center$14.00
1/19/2020 San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$43.00
1/20/2020Sacramento Kings MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
1/22/2020Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
1/24/2020Los Angeles Clippers MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
1/27/2020Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
1/28/2020Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$27.00
2/1/2020 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$64.00
2/3/2020Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$14.00
2/5/2020 Los Angeles ClippersLos Arena$22.00
2/7/2020 Sacramento KingsSacramentoGolden 1 Center$35.00
2/9/2020 Portland Trail BlazersPortlandModa Center$22.00
2/10/2020 Golden State WarriorsSan FranciscoChase Center$53.00
2/12/2020 Utah JazzSalt Lake CityDelta Center$35.00
2/20/2020 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$41.00
2/22/2020Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$89.00
2/24/2020 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$5.00
2/26/2020Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$19.00
2/28/2020Dallas Mavericks MiamiKaseya Center$29.00
2/29/2020Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$23.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
7/1/2021TBD MiamiKaseya Center$1007.00
7/3/2021TBD MiamiKaseya Center$1007.00
7/5/2021TBD MiamiKaseya Center$1007.00
7/7/2021TBD MiamiKaseya Center$1007.00
8/3/2021California Classic - 2 Day PassSacramentoGolden 1 Center$25.00
8/3/2021California Classic: Miami vs Los Angeles, Golden State vs SacramentoSacramentoGolden 1 Center$40.00
8/4/2021California Classic: Miami vs Golden State, Los Angeles vs SacramentoSacramentoGolden 1 Center$155.00
10/4/2021NBA Preseason - Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
10/7/2021NBA Preseason - Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$10.00
10/8/2021NBA Preseason - San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$5.00
10/11/2021NBA Preseason - Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$3.00
10/14/2021NBA Preseason - Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$10.00
10/15/2021NBA Preseason - Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
10/21/2021Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
10/23/2021 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$0.00
10/25/2021Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/27/2021 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$18.00
10/29/2021Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$15.00
10/30/2021 Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$8.00
11/2/2021 Dallas MavericksDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$10.00
11/4/2021Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
11/6/2021Utah Jazz MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
11/8/2021 Denver NuggetsDenverBall Arena$9.00
11/10/2021 Los Angeles LakersLos Arena$59.00
11/11/2021 Los Angeles ClippersLos Arena$6.00
11/13/2021 Utah JazzSalt Lake CityDelta Center$0.00
11/15/2021 Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma CityPaycom Center$2.00
11/17/2021New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
11/18/2021Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
11/20/2021 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$74.00
11/23/2021 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$26.00
11/24/2021 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$43.00
11/27/2021 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$102.00
11/29/2021Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$31.00
12/1/2021Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
12/3/2021 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$10.00
12/6/2021Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$3.00
12/8/2021Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
12/11/2021Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$45.00
12/13/2021 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$31.00
12/15/2021 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$12.00
12/17/2021 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$45.00
12/19/2021 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$19.00
12/21/2021Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
12/23/2021Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$24.00
12/26/2021Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$34.00
12/28/2021Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$50.00
12/31/2021 Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$29.00
1/2/2022 Sacramento KingsSacramentoGolden 1 Center$22.00
1/3/2022 Golden State WarriorsSan FranciscoChase Center$153.00
1/5/2022 Portland Trail BlazersPortlandModa Center$19.00
1/8/2022 Phoenix SunsPhoenixFootprint Center$72.00
1/12/2022 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$19.00
1/14/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
1/15/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
1/17/2022Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$11.00
1/19/2022Portland Trail Blazers MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
1/21/2022 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$34.00
1/23/2022Los Angeles Lakers MiamiKaseya Center$298.00
1/26/2022New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$15.00
1/28/2022LA Clippers MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
1/29/2022Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
1/31/2022 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$13.00
2/1/2022 Toronto Raptors TorontoScotiabank Arena$87.00
2/3/2022 San Antonio Spurs San AntonioFrost Bank Center$10.00
2/5/2022 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$48.00
2/7/2022 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$6.00
2/10/2022 New Orleans PelicansNew OrleansSmoothie King Center$7.00
2/12/2022Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$38.00
2/15/2022Dallas Mavericks MiamiKaseya Center$33.00
2/17/2022 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$13.00
2/25/2022 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$160.00
2/26/2022San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$41.00
2/28/2022Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$61.00
3/2/2022 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$15.00
3/3/2022 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$32.00
3/5/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
3/7/2022Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$14.00
3/9/2022Phoenix Suns MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
3/11/2022Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$10.00
3/12/2022Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$15.00
3/15/2022Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$46.00
3/18/2022Oklahoma City Thunder MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
3/21/2022 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$26.00
3/23/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$43.00
3/25/2022New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$11.00
3/26/2022Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
3/28/2022Sacramento Kings MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
3/30/2022 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$72.00
4/2/2022 Chicago Bulls ChicagoUnited Center$72.00
4/3/2022 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$114.00
4/5/2022Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$44.00
4/8/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$70.00
4/10/2022 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$126.00
4/17/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
4/19/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$107.00
4/22/2022 Atlanta Hawks AtlantaState Farm Arena$79.00
4/22/2022 Cleveland Cavaliers ClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$80.00
4/22/2022 Charlotte Hornets CharlotteSpectrum Center$61.00
4/24/2022 Charlotte Hornets CharlotteSpectrum Center$67.00
4/24/2022 Cleveland Cavaliers ClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$85.00
4/24/2022 Atlanta Hawks AtlantaState Farm Arena$161.00
4/26/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$25.00
4/28/2022 Atlanta Hawks AtlantaState Farm Arena$76.00
4/28/2022 Cleveland Cavaliers ClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$81.00
4/28/2022 Charlotte Hornets CharlotteSpectrum Center$77.00
4/30/2022Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$129.00
5/2/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$38.00
5/4/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$34.00
5/4/2022 Toronto Raptors TorontoScotiabank Arena$172.00
5/6/2022 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$54.00
5/7/2022 Toronto Raptors TorontoScotiabank Arena$171.00
5/8/2022 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$76.00
5/9/2022 Toronto Raptors TorontoScotiabank Arena$191.00
5/10/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$54.00
5/12/2022 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$18.00
5/15/2022Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$106.00
5/17/2022Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$66.00
5/19/2022Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$119.00
5/21/2022 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$164.00
5/21/2022 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$178.00
5/23/2022 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$205.00
5/23/2022 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$180.00
5/25/2022Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$81.00
5/27/2022 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$263.00
5/27/2022 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$241.00
5/29/2022Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$272.00
6/8/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$562.00
6/10/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$575.00
6/16/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$719.00
6/19/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$779.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
10/3/2022Miami Heat - Red White and Pink GameMiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/4/2022NBA Preseason - Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$64.00
10/4/2022NBA Preseason - Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/6/2022NBA Preseason - Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$9.00
10/7/2022NBA Preseason - Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$4.00
10/10/2022NBA Preseason - Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
10/12/2022NBA Preseason - New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$4.00
10/19/2022Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$15.00
10/21/2022Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$34.00
10/22/2022Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
10/24/2022Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$10.00
10/26/2022 Portland Trail BlazersPortlandModa Center$15.00
10/27/2022 Golden State WarriorsSan FranciscoChase Center$66.00
10/29/2022 Sacramento KingsSacramentoGolden 1 Center$0.00
11/1/2022Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$35.00
11/2/2022Sacramento Kings MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
11/4/2022 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$13.00
11/7/2022Portland Trail Blazers MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
11/10/2022Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
11/12/2022Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$25.00
11/14/2022Phoenix Suns MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
11/16/2022 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$28.00
11/18/2022 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$34.00
11/20/2022 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$7.00
11/21/2022 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$13.00
11/23/2022Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$24.00
11/25/2022Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
11/27/2022 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$0.00
11/30/2022 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$34.00
12/2/2022 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$71.00
12/5/2022 Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$2.00
12/6/2022Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$7.00
12/8/2022LA Clippers MiamiKaseya Center$8.00
12/10/2022San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
12/12/2022 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$2.00
12/14/2022 Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma CityPaycom Center$6.00
12/15/2022 Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$8.00
12/17/2022San Antonio Spurs vs Miami HeatMexico CityArena Ciudad de Mexico$808.00
12/20/2022Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$49.00
12/23/2022Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
12/26/2022Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$69.00
12/28/2022Los Angeles Lakers MiamiKaseya Center$162.00
12/30/2022 Denver NuggetsDenverBall Arena$51.00
12/31/2022 Utah JazzSalt Lake CityDelta Center$50.00
1/2/2023 LA ClippersLos Arena$19.00
1/4/2023 Los Angeles LakersLos Arena$112.00
1/6/2023 Phoenix SunsPhoenixFootprint Center$56.00
1/8/2023Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$70.00
1/10/2023Oklahoma City Thunder MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
1/12/2023Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
1/14/2023Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
1/16/2023 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$0.00
1/18/2023 New Orleans PelicansNew OrleansSmoothie King Center$9.00
1/20/2023 Dallas MavericksDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$48.00
1/22/2023New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
1/24/2023Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$49.00
1/27/2023Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$47.00
1/29/2023 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$0.00
1/31/2023 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$11.00
2/2/2023 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$74.00
2/4/2023 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$51.00
2/8/2023Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$20.00
2/10/2023Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$20.00
2/11/2023 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$53.00
2/13/2023Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$54.00
2/15/2023 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$29.00
2/24/2023 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$33.00
2/25/2023 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$74.00
2/27/2023 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$33.00
3/1/2023Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
3/3/2023New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$28.00
3/4/2023Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$12.00
3/6/2023Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$8.00
3/8/2023Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
3/10/2023Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$52.00
3/11/2023 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$99.00
3/13/2023Utah Jazz MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
3/15/2023Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$42.00
3/18/2023 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$62.00
3/19/2023 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$0.00
3/22/2023New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$42.00
3/25/2023Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$24.00
3/28/2023 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$145.00
3/29/2023 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$161.00
4/1/2023Dallas Mavericks MiamiKaseya Center$58.00
4/4/2023 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$25.00
4/6/2023 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$107.00
4/7/2023 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$291.00
4/9/2023Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
4/11/2023Play In - Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$37.00
4/14/2023Play In - Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
4/16/2023 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$36.00
4/19/2023 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$42.00
4/22/2023Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$44.00
4/24/2023Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
4/26/2023 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$45.00
4/27/2023TBD MiamiKaseya Center$201.00
4/28/2023Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$98.00
4/30/2023 New York Knicks New YorkMadison Square Garden$0.00
4/30/2023 Milwaukee Bucks MilwaukeeFiserv Forum$121.00
5/2/2023 New York Knicks New YorkMadison Square Garden$203.00
5/6/2023New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
5/8/2023New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$69.00
5/10/2023 New York Knicks New YorkMadison Square Garden$254.00
5/12/2023New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$67.00
5/13/2023TBD MiamiKaseya Center$264.00
5/15/2023 New York Knicks New YorkMadison Square Garden$536.00
5/17/2023 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$212.00
5/17/2023 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$149.00
5/19/2023 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$207.00
5/19/2023 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$214.00
5/21/2023Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$163.00
5/23/2023Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$184.00
5/25/2023 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$360.00
5/25/2023 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$220.00
5/27/2023Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$200.00
5/28/2023TBD MiamiKaseya Center$440.00
5/29/2023 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$561.00
5/29/2023 Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$484.00
6/1/2023 Denver Nuggets DenverBall Arena$509.00
6/4/2023 Denver Nuggets DenverBall Arena$530.00
6/7/2023Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$259.00
6/9/2023Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$255.00
6/12/2023 Denver Nuggets DenverBall Arena$807.00
6/15/2023Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$395.00
6/18/2023 Denver Nuggets DenverBall Arena$901.00
6/19/2023TBD MiamiKaseya Center$983.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
7/8/2023NBA Summer League - Day 2 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$0.00
7/10/2023NBA Summer League - Day 4 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$69.00
7/13/2023NBA Summer League - Day 7 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$68.00
7/14/2023NBA Summer League - Day 8 Las VegasThomas and Mack Center$70.00
10/10/2023NBA Preseason - Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$6.00
10/13/2023NBA Preseason - San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$4.00
10/15/2023NBA Preseason - Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
10/18/2023NBA Preseason - Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$9.00
10/20/2023NBA Preseason - Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$17.00
10/25/2023Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$29.00
10/27/2023 Boston CelticsBostonTD Garden$92.00
10/28/2023 Minnesota TimberwolvesMinneapolisTarget Center$41.00
10/30/2023 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$6.00
11/1/2023Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$20.00
11/3/2023NBA In Season Tournament - Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$23.00
11/6/2023Los Angeles Lakers MiamiKaseya Center$53.00
11/8/2023 Memphis GrizzliesMemphisFedExForum$3.00
11/11/2023 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$59.00
11/12/2023 San Antonio SpursSan AntonioFrost Bank Center$11.00
11/14/2023NBA In Season Tournament - Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$10.00
11/16/2023Brooklyn Nets MiamiKaseya Center$49.00
11/18/2023 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$43.00
11/20/2023 Chicago BullsChicagoUnited Center$40.00
11/22/2023 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$19.00
11/24/2023NBA In Season Tournament - New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$167.00
11/25/2023 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$82.00
11/25/2023Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$58.00
11/28/2023NBA In Season Tournament - Milwaukee Bucks MiamiKaseya Center$26.00
11/30/2023Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$13.00
12/2/2023Indiana Pacers MiamiKaseya Center$27.00
12/6/2023 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$22.00
12/8/2023Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
12/11/2023 Charlotte HornetsCharlotteSpectrum Center$8.00
12/13/2023Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$11.00
12/14/2023Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$31.00
12/16/2023Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$51.00
12/18/2023Minnesota Timberwolves MiamiKaseya Center$41.00
12/20/2023 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$35.00
12/22/2023Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
12/25/2023Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
12/25/2023Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$150.00
12/28/2023 Golden State WarriorsSan FranciscoChase Center$153.00
12/30/2023 Utah JazzSalt Lake CityDelta Center$0.00
1/1/2024 LA ClippersLos Arena$46.00
1/3/2024 Los Angeles LakersLos Arena$137.00
1/5/2024 Phoenix SunsPhoenixFootprint Center$48.00
1/8/2024Houston Rockets MiamiKaseya Center$35.00
1/10/2024Oklahoma City Thunder MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
1/12/2024Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$30.00
1/14/2024Charlotte Hornets MiamiKaseya Center$36.00
1/15/2024 Brooklyn NetsBrooklynBarclays Center$29.00
1/17/2024 Toronto RaptorsTorontoScotiabank Arena$26.00
1/19/2024Atlanta Hawks MiamiKaseya Center$37.00
1/21/2024 Orlando MagicOrlandoKia Center$28.00
1/24/2024Memphis Grizzlies MiamiKaseya Center$11.00
1/25/2024Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$25.00
1/27/2024 New York KnicksNew YorkMadison Square Garden$531.00
1/29/2024Phoenix Suns MiamiKaseya Center$21.00
1/31/2024Sacramento Kings MiamiKaseya Center$14.00
2/2/2024 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$23.00
2/4/2024LA Clippers MiamiKaseya Center$60.00
2/6/2024Orlando Magic MiamiKaseya Center$5.00
2/7/2024San Antonio Spurs MiamiKaseya Center$22.00
2/11/2024Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
2/13/2024 Milwaukee BucksMilwaukeeFiserv Forum$6.00
2/14/2024 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$21.00
2/23/2024 New Orleans PelicansNew OrleansSmoothie King Center$25.00
2/26/2024 Sacramento KingsSacramentoGolden 1 Center$29.00
2/27/2024 Portland Trail BlazersPortlandModa Center$3.00
2/29/2024 Denver NuggetsDenverBall Arena$37.00
3/2/2024Utah Jazz MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
3/5/2024Detroit Pistons MiamiKaseya Center$32.00
3/7/2024 Dallas MavericksDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$37.00
3/8/2024 Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma CityPaycom Center$40.00
3/10/2024Washington Wizards MiamiKaseya Center$37.00
3/13/2024Denver Nuggets MiamiKaseya Center$112.00
3/15/2024 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$52.00
3/17/2024 Detroit PistonsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$0.00
3/18/2024 Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$11.00
3/20/2024 Cleveland CavaliersClevelandRocket Mortgage FieldHouse$21.00
3/22/2024New Orleans Pelicans MiamiKaseya Center$38.00
3/24/2024Cleveland Cavaliers MiamiKaseya Center$25.00
3/26/2024Golden State Warriors MiamiKaseya Center$66.00
3/29/2024Portland Trail Blazers MiamiKaseya Center$34.00
3/31/2024 Washington WizardsWashingtonCapital One Arena$0.00
4/2/2024New York Knicks MiamiKaseya Center$80.00
4/4/2024Philadelphia 76ers MiamiKaseya Center$37.00
4/5/2024 Houston RocketsHoustonToyota Center - TX$16.00
4/7/2024 Indiana PacersIndianapolisGainbridge Fieldhouse$112.00
4/9/2024 Atlanta HawksAtlantaState Farm Arena$22.00
4/10/2024Dallas Mavericks MiamiKaseya Center$24.00
4/12/2024Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$8.00
4/14/2024Toronto Raptors MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
4/17/2024Play In - Philadelphia 76ers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$21.00
4/19/2024Play In - Chicago Bulls MiamiKaseya Center$40.00
4/19/2024Play In - TBD MiamiKaseya Center$63.00
4/21/2024 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$0.00
4/24/2024 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$144.00
4/27/2024Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$0.00
4/27/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$195.00
4/29/2024Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$57.00
5/1/2024 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$130.00
5/3/2024Boston Celtics MiamiKaseya Center$106.00
5/5/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$148.00
5/5/2024 Boston Celtics BostonTD Garden$160.00
5/6/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$156.00
5/8/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$163.00
5/11/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$290.00
5/15/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$195.00
5/17/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$196.00
5/23/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$209
5/27/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$701
5/31/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$339
6/2/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$381
6/11/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$823
6/17/2024TBD MiamiKaseya Center$381