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NBA Eastern Conference Finals Tickets

2017 Eastern Conference Finals

The 2017 NBA Eastern Conference Finals will feature the Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. The Eastern Conference Finals will feature a team led by LeBron James for the 7th straight year, as the Cleveland Cavaliers make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals. The defending Eastern Conference Finals champion Cleveland Cavaliers return to the Eastern Conference Finals for a 3rd straight year, after blowing through the first two rounds of the Eastern Conference playoffs, winning their first 8 playoff games, and swept the Pacers and the Raptors respectively. The Cavaliers will take on a Boston Celtics coming off a straight 7 game series against the Wizards. The Celtics, led by Isaiah Thomas, ground out a tough game 7's to put away Washington Wizards fans, and enter the Eastern Conference Finals brimming with motivation.

*If necessary

Game 1May 17
  • Cavaliers 117 Celtics 104
  • Cavaliers lead 1-0
Game 2May 19
  • Cavaliers 130 Celtics 86
  • Cavaliers lead 2-0
Game 3May 21
  • Celtics 111 Cavaliers 108
  • Cavaliers lead 2-1
Game 4May 23
  • Celtics 112 Cavaliers 99
  • Cavaliers lead 3-1
Game 5May 25
  • Cavaliers 135 Celtics 102
  • Cavaliers win series
Game 6*May 27
  • Celtics at Cavaliers
  • Will not be played
Game 7*May 29
  • Cavaliers at Celtics
  • Will not be played

2016 Eastern Conference Finals Results: The 2016 Eastern Conference Finals pit the Cleveland Cavaliers up against the Toronto Raptors. LeBron James and the Cavs proved to be too much for the Raptors as Cleveland swept the series in 4 games to head to the NBA Finals.

Eastern Conference Finals Experience

The Eastern Conference Finals have produced some extraordinary basketball over the years. Since 1947 the 15 Eastern Conference teams fight all season long to obtain one of the eight spots allocated for post-season play in the NBA playoffs. The first step is getting past the first round which will cut the competition in half sending four teams to the Eastern Conference semifinals. The semifinal winners will then advance to the conference finals for a shot at competing in the NBA Finals.

The Eastern Conference Finals follow a best-of-seven series with a home court advantage format of 2-2-1-1-1. The first two games of the series will be hosted by the team with home-court advantage as well as games 5 and 7 if necessary. The opponent will host games 3, 4, and 6 if necessary. In all rounds of the NBA playoffs home-court advantage is determined by record regardless of a teams seed.

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