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Texas fans pay big bucks for game tickets

August 2006 Texas Ohio State Game

Texas fans pay big bucks for game tickets

“Tickets are expensive for this game. They're running anywhere from about $350 to close to $1200,” Ticketcity.com CEO Randy Cohen said.

On the website Craigslist.com, they're selling for hundreds of dollars.

“I'll be surprised if by game time people aren't paying $1,000 or $1,500,” Jerry Scarbrough of the ‘True Orange’ publication said.

Scarbrough has been writing about Longhorn football for almost 20 years. He says if you've got the money, this is the game to spend it on. And other sports fans agree.

“The last time a number one team came to Austin was in 1950, and that was SMU,” Scarbrough said.

“This is the biggest game to hit UT that I can remember - probably since the Notre Dame game,” Cohen added.

Last year, Texas beat Ohio State in Columbus.

“They want revenge,” Cohen said.

OSU alumni are among those paying big bucks for tickets.

“We estimate over 5,000 Buckeyes will be here that weekend, that’s a low estimate, and there aren't that many tickets out there,” said OSU Austin Alumni Bob Harkins.

According to the Associated Press, since 1936, the number one and number two ranked teams have played each other only 36 times.

This September 9 will make 37. To some, that game, and its outcome are priceless.

“The team that wins that has a legitimate shot at playing for the National Championship. The team that loses it will have a hard time getting back to where they have a legitimate shot,” Scarbrough said.

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August 9, 2006 by Melissa McGuire

At face value, a ticket to the Texas/Ohio State game on September 9 is $85, but fans will pay much more.
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