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December 2009 BCS Tickets go up in Price

December 2009 BCS Tickets go up in Price

National Championship Ticket Price Goes Up

Some foundation donations were not enough

December 8, 2009
Carla Castano

(PASADENA, CA) - The National Championship game in Pasadena is less than a month away, but ticket prices are already starting to skyrocket.

The University of Texas' football stadium has nearly 102,000 seats. The Rose Bowl Stadium has only 92,000 seats. For the upcoming BCS Championship Game, they are going to be squeezing in about 11,000 additional people. The demand for tickets is higher than ever.

"We'll buy tickets, we'll do manual labor for tickets, we'll wash your car for tickets, whatever you want to get tickets to this game," said Chris Mayfield.

Mayfield said he is even willing to trade his car for tickets to the prized BCS Championship game.

"We were really hoping to get tickets through the [Longhorn] foundation and found out yesterday that didn't happen," said Mayfield. "We've been scouring Web sites."

Mayfield donated $1,300 to the Longhorn Foundation and expected he would be able to get tickets, but he did not meet the cutoff for the priority system this year. This year, there were 30,000 requests.

UT only received 19,000 tickets. UT students were allotted 1,900 of those tickets. The rest went to players, the band and foundation members.

The foundation sent out an e-mail to members and students a month ago. The deadline to apply to buy the $200 tickets was last week. Now, Austin-based TicketCity, the largest ticket brokerage firm in the nation, is being flooded with calls.

"Yesterday, we were at 45 percent of our allotment gone," said Randy Cohen, CEO of TicketCity. "Today, we are at 53 percent."

The longer one waits, the higher the price. Meanwhile, Mayfield is holding out hope to get a deal. He said no matter what, he'll do what it takes to get into the Rose Bowl Stadium on Jan. 7.

"We've been to all the bowl games for the last five years," said Mayfield. "The Rose Bowl, [and] before that, the Holiday Bowl. We are willing to do pretty much anything."

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