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December 2009 - Texas Fans Purchasing BCS Tickets

December 2009 Texas Fans Purchasing BCS Tickets

Texas Fans May Not Want To Wait Long Before Purchasing BCS Tickets

December 1, 2009
Jim Bergamo

(AUSTIN, TX) - To many Texas fans, this weekend's Big-12 title game is just a formality.
They expect their Longhorns to beat Nebraska and earn their right into the national championship game in Pasadena.

For many the bigger question is how and when to buy tickets.

When it comes to buying tickets to big events like the BCS Championship game, it doesn't hurt to have confidence in your team. 

The more confident fans tend to buy early, saving themselves a lot of money and potential headaches in the process.

"I am a huge Longhorn fan I am a huge football fan," said Sandra King of Cedar Park.

King has been to just about every Longhorns home football game since 1989 -- that includes the Horns recent senior day against Kansas.

"That was fantastic, I got to shake Colt's hand," King said.

We interviewed king in what she calls her Texas room, full of Longhorns memorabilia.  She pointed out her favorite.

"Probably that one because I took it," she said and then laughed.

King took the photograph of the UT tower lit in burnt orange with a digital camera she had just gotten right before the Horns won their last BCS championship game.  A game King did not get to go to.

"Oh I so wanted to be there I really thought my husband had gotten me tickets, laughs, for Christmas, instead I got a great digital camera," King said.

King says this time she wasn't taking any chances.  She's already purchased tickets to this year's BCS championship game in Pasadena.

"Because I wanted to make sure I was going to be there because if we wait too long there might not be any tickets left," King said.

Ticket city's Randy Cohen sold King her tickets.  Cohen says ticket city has already sold 50 percent of its allotment of BCS championship game tickets, almost double what it sold at the same time for the horns first appearance in Pasadena.

"We probably had about 30 percent sold because people waited, thinking they might might bet better deals as time went by and they realized with USC in there that wasn't going to happen and they wished they had bought early," Cohen said.

King's tickets are on the 10 yard line.

"I just wanted to be there it didn't matter if I was on the 50 or in the nosebleeds it really didn't matter, and to be part of the experience is the best part at least I hope it will be, I haven't experience a national championship yet, and I'm hoping and I know that I will.

Cohen says right now the cheapest BCS championship game ticket is an end zone ticket costing 750 dollars.  The most expensive seats are already around 25-hundred dollars per ticket. He says once the teams participating in the championship game are finalized on Sunday, those prices will more than likely double.

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