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Penn State fans devour Orange Bowl tickets

December 2005 Orange Bowl Tickets

Penn State fans devour Orange Bowl tickets

"This has been both an historic and puzzling bowl season," said Randy Cohen, CEO of TicketCity.com, an online resource for special event tickets and ticketing trends. "We knew the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl games would draw record interest, but what surprised us was the strong support by West Virginia and Penn State fans. More Nittany Lions supporters are buying tickets to the Orange Bowl in Miami than Florida State fans."

Tickets for the Orange Bowl game cost about $175, according to TicketCity.com.

The most anticipated game, perhaps for the decade, appears to be the 2006 Rose Bowl, featuring the top-ranked Trojans of the University of Southern California versus the second-ranked University of Texas Longhorns, according to the Web site. The average $1,200 ticket price for the Rose Bowl game is nearly double that of the previous best-selling BCS Championship game, the 2004 Sugar Bowl featuring Louisiana State University and the University of Oklahoma.

Tickets for the Fiesta Bowl, featuring Ohio State University and the University of Notre Dame, are also on a record-setting pace. The second most popular bowl game of the season may become the best-selling non-championship game in BCS history, with an average ticket price of more than $400.

The 10 most popular bowls by average ticket price:
- Rose Bowl (Texas vs. USC)
- Fiesta Bowl (OSU vs. Notre Dame)
- Sugar Bowl (West Virginia University vs. University of Georgia)
- Orange Bowl (Florida State University vs. Penn State University)
- Cotton Bowl (University of Alabama vs. Texas Tech University)
- Outback Bowl (University of Iowa vs. University of Florida)
- Alamo Bowl (University of Michigan vs. University of Nebraska)
- Holiday Bowl (Oklahoma vs. University of Oregon)
- Capital One Bowl (Auburn University vs. University of Wisconsin)
- Independence Bowl (University of Missouri vs. University of South Carolina)

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