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January 2007 Cha-Ching


Saints vs. Eagles ranked as the No. 2 selling event in New Orleans sports history at StubHub.com as of Monday afternoon, trailing only last week's Allstate Sugar Bowl pairing between LSU and Notre Dame, a company spokesman said. worth its weight in gold.

The average selling price of a Saints-Eagles ticket was $472 at TicketCity.com, a figure that ranked about $100 higher than the No. 2 seller in the divisional round between the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks.

"It's been fanatical," TicketCity.com President Randy Cohen said of the increased pace of sales since the Eagles earned a spot opposite the Saints in Saturday's prime-time matchup. "Fans are coming out in droves to buy tickets for this game. Believe it or not, we've had quite a few Philadelphia fans that are coming out looking to enjoy what New Orleans has to offer."

But the juice at the cash register is not solely attributable to Eagles fans.

"Sales are definitely brisk," said Sean Pate, publicity director at San Francisco-based StubHub. "People from 26 different states have bought tickets to this game from us, but 62 percent of them come from Louisiana and Mississippi so I expect that you're going to have a pretty strong 'home' game (atmosphere). Only 2 percent of our sales have been sold in Pennsylvania."

The cheapest asking price for a ticket at TicketCity, StubHub and TicketsNow.com were $225, $240 and $245 respectively for seats in the 600 level of the Terrace. At the higher end, seats at the 100 level of the Plaza had an asking price of $3,000 at StubHub, $1,323 at TicketCity and $1,286 at TicketsNow.

The Saints' approved ticketExchange.com by Ticketmaster remained one of the costliest outlets for the resale of tickets based on a random survey of several of the top national ticket brokers. Saints tickets at ticketExchange.com began at $270 for a seat in the 600 level of the Terrace and escalated to as much as $3,795 for a seat in the 100 level in the Plaza.

The Saints-affiliated company also had the highest asking price for select seats in the 100 level ($3,795), 200 level ($3,565), 300 level ($2,875) and the 600 level ($2,185). StubHub offered the costliest tickets in the 500 level ($1,765) with the Saints' ticketExchange ($1,725) ranking second.

Saints officials declined to respond to questions regarding face value pricing of tickets for the playoffs or any potential availability of tickets later in the week. The Saints and Ticketmaster Web site states that, "We currently do not have any tickets on sale for the New Orleans Saints."

The team did announce in early December a skeletal outline for single-seat ticket pricing for a wild card or divisional round playoff game ranging from $38 to $215. Ticket prices for a potential National Football Conference championship game were to range from $72 to $260.

Those numbers are now off the charts, however, and Pate from StubHub recommended fans wait no later than Wednesday to buy, or risk missing out on premium seat locations.

Late demand also can have an inflationary effect. Take Monday's Bowl Championship Series national championship game between top-ranked Ohio State and No. 2 Florida. Tickets that sold for $850 last week were drawing $1,350 on game day Monday at TicketCity.com, Cohen said.

"It's like the stock market," Cohen said. Prices of "tickets can fluctuate hourly as we sell more tickets and there are fewer tickets available. The price can go up. I'd say this could be a $300 ticket (for a Terrace level seat) easily. This is a very big game and fans are coming out. It's a Saturday night game so it looks like that is making it even more strong because fans can travel in on the day of the game."

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