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Game hottest ticket online

January 2008 Game is hottest ticket online

Game is hottest ticket online

The Times-Picayune
January 7, 2008 by Nakia Hogan


One of the teams, either LSU or Ohio State, playing in tonight's BCS championship game, will be disappointed as they leave the Superdome.

The ticket brokers, however, won't be.

Ticket sales for college football's title game have been brisk, moving at a record pace through online ticket brokers.

StubHub, an online ticket broker, has announced the game is the top-selling event in the company's history, surpassing last year's Super Bowl and BCS championship games in gross sales.

"More money has transferred in sales than any event in the history of the company," StubHub spokesman Sean Pate said. "Last year's BCS championship game had claimed that top spot for a short time, then it was surpassed by the Super Bowl. So we'll have to see what happens with this year's game, if it remains the all- time king or if the Super Bowl trumps it again."

Either way, ticket brokers are smiling. They credited much of the success from sales on the location of the game and the strong fan bases of both teams.

"It has been a great market with LSU playing in their back yard," said Ticketcity.com CEO Randy Cohen.

"Fans are excited and have been exuberant. They are coming out in droves."

But both Pate and Cohen predict LSU fans will rule the Dome tonight.

Cohen said nearly 75 percent of their sales have come from LSU fans.

At StubHub, where purchases have come from 40 states, Louisiana natives have bought 37 percent of the inventory, followed by 13 percent in Ohio and 12 percent in Texas.

Pate said that's an indication that purple and gold will be the color of choice for much of the Superdome crowd.

"It's natural to assume that (LSU fans will outnumber Ohio State fans) with the proximity to Baton Rouge and the number of LSU fans in New Orleans," Pate said. "Certainly, Ohio State travels as well as any school in the country. But with LSU being so close and not having to invest in a travel expense, their fans are able to invest a little more in the cost of a ticket."

While the inventory at many online brokers is slim, StubHub, Ticketcity and TicketsNow each had tickets remaining as of Sunday afternoon.

-- At StubHub, where the average price of a ticket has been $1,394, more than 300 tickets remained.

-- At Ticketcity, fewer than 100 tickets remained at prices ranging from $650 to $1,995.

-- At TicketsNow, where the average seat sold for $1,550, more than 600 tickets were left.

Cohen and Pate both said tickets could be picked up locally, giving fans the opportunity to buy tickets until kickoff.

"This championship game has really separated itself as the marquee event of the year in a year where the college football landscape has been so unsettled," Pate said. "With the programs that are participating and the fan bases that are behind those programs at Ohio State and LSU, you certainly get a peak demand and premium prices for them."
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