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Ticket demand breaking broker records

January 2008 Ticket demand breaking broker records

Ticket demand breaking broker records

The Columbus Dispatch
January 5, 2008 by Tracy Turner


Monday night's national championship game between Ohio State and Louisiana State has generated unprecedented demand for tickets, according to two national ticket companies.

Online ticket brokers StubHub.com and TicketCity.com both said demand is the highest either has experienced.

StubHub.com, based in San Francisco and one of the largest ticket resellers, said it has sold more tickets for the game than any other sporting event, based on dollar volume, since the company began selling tickets in 2000.

The company said the average ticket price for the title game is $1,394, with the most expensive ticket sold at $4,300 for a sideline seat on the 45-yard line, spokesman Sean Pate said. The cheapest ticket sold through the site so far cost $475 for a seat on the terrace end zone.

"The matchup is an attractive one on the field, and the game is really taking on an air of exclusivity and separating itself as a marquee event in line with the Super Bowl in terms of excitement," Pate said.

"Tickets for the Super Bowl are selling at a higher price but haven't sold nearly as much as those for the BCS.

"People are flocking to get tickets to see this game."

StubHub.com, owned by eBay, had more than $100 million in revenue last year.

The company gets a 25 percent commission on each ticket sold: Sellers pay a 15 percent fee and buyers are charged a 10 percent commission.

TicketCity.com likewise is reporting that the 2008 BCS title game is the best-selling event in the company's 18-year history, said Rafael Rivas, vice president of sales for the Austin, Texas-based ticket broker.

"It's a backyard game for LSU, with less than 80 miles from its campus to the game site in New Orleans, and Ohio State is the best traveling team, with fans willing to travel long distances to support their team," Rivas said. "Both schools have a really passionate fan base, so we knew demand for tickets would be through the roof."

Tickets for the game are averaging $1,922 on TicketCity, up from $1,682 per ticket in early December.

"We knew that if Ohio State got in (the BCS), it would be a monster," Rivas said.

Central Ohio ticket brokers also are reporting strong ticket sales.
Sales have been "brisk," said Ryan Forgacs, president of Main Event Ticket Service. The company has sold more than 300 tickets, which is considered good for the small, local company, he said.

"The BCS ticket sales come in just behind last year's OSU versus Michigan game last season, pitting No. 1 against No. 2," Forgacs said, noting that because fans didn't have to worry about a flight and accommodations for that game, it sold more tickets.

"We're real happy with the demand (this year) and have sold to a lot of fans happy to make the (New Orleans) trip."

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