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Horns' loss is bargain ticket hunters' gain

October 2007 Texas Oklahoma Tickets

Horns' loss is bargain ticket hunters' gain

Austin American Statesman
October 4, 2007 by Lilly Rockwell

Brokers cut prices for annual showdown with Oklahoma after last weekend's upsets.

When the Longhorns lose, it doesn't just hurt the team and diehard fans. Ticket brokers also feel the pain.

Fans who still want to go to games, however, can get some last-minute deals.

Ticket prices for this weekend's Texas-Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas have dropped since last week's loss to Kansas State and Oklahoma's upset by Colorado.

On Web sites such as TicketCity.com, tickets were selling Wednesday for as low as $135, or $40 more than face value.

"Anytime a team loses, whether it's college pro or whatever, you can sometimes see a dip in the price," said Zach Anderson, the marketing director at TicketCity, who thinks the game is a good value. "It's driven by how the teams perform in the field."

But that doesn't mean interest in the game has plummeted. The Red River Rivalry, which takes place amid the State Fair, is selling well when compared with other football games this weekend. On TicketsNow.com, the Texas-Oklahoma game is the second-highest-selling college football game, behind Florida at Louisiana State in Baton Rouge.

Ticket brokers hope the interest holds up. On Wednesday, Web sites such as TicketsNow.com still had 1,000 tickets for sale, and StubHub.com was offering 700.

"That's quite a big inventory for it being only four days away," said Sean Pate, the public relations director for StubHub, which connects brokers selling tickets with buyers, becoming a barometer for supply and demand.

If the tickets don't sell quickly, the glut will probably drive down prices near the end of the week.

"Prices will drop," said Jennifer Swanson, a spokesperson with TicketsNow.com.

As of Wednesday, average prices for the game were still higher than last year, Pate said. In 2006, the average ticket price was $419 on StubHub; this year is $439.

The Cotton Bowl in Dallas is a neutral site, with each team given an almost-equal split of available seats.

This year, Texas was given 37,000 tickets, of which 9,000 went to students and about 500 went to parents, coaches, staff and university personnel.

The rest — 27,500 — was given to people, such as season-ticket holders, who donate a certain amount to the Longhorn Foundation. The required amount this year was $800.

Texas fills orders from the top down on its donor list, with the biggest contributors getting the first shot.

Some of these people then turn around and resell to ticket brokerage Web sites or scalpers.

Ticket prices for the Red River Rivalry

As of Wednesday afternoon

At TicketCity.com: $135 to $1,150

At TicketsNow.com: $150 to $1,337

At StubHub.com: $165 to $1,470

At Coast to Coast Tickets : $153 to $1254

Average ticket price at TicketCity.com

Last week: $578 This week: $511

Average ticket price at StubHub.com

Last week: $468 This week: $439

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