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A Hot Seat - Lions Irish Tix a Costly Commodity

September 2007 Lions Irish Tickets

A hot seat! Lions/Irish tix a costly commodity

Tickets for PSU/Notre Dame game on Saturday are topping $3,000.

September 5, 2007 by Edward Lewis

If you have a ticket for Saturday’s Penn State-Notre Dame football game, consider yourself lucky. If you paid the listed price - face value $58 - consider yourself fortunate.

Single ticket prices for the game being sold on TicketCity.com range from $367 to as high as $3,163.

Hotel rooms in State College this weekend are being auctioned on eBay.com with recent bids of $1,100 for a two-night stay, minus game tickets.

“The Notre Dame ticket by any account is the most in demand for years,” said Greg Myford, associate athletic director at Penn State.

General parking passes that normally sell for $10 are being sold for $25 to $200, with reserved parking closer to Beaver Stadium being sold at $500.

“There is quite a demand for Notre Dame-Penn State tickets,” said Zach Anderson, vice president for TicketCity.com, an online ticket broker. “The ticket market is like a commodity with a lot of factors that set the price. Supply and demand is what drives everything in the ticket market.”

Earlier in the year, the demand for the Penn State-Notre Dame game was high, causing prices to escalate. As more season ticket holders decide to sell their tickets, prices generally decline, Anderson said.

“The price has come down over the last few weeks as more tickets have become available,” Anderson said. “A big game like this, the price you could sell them for will cover the season ticket price.”

Other factors that set prices, Anderson explained, involve the weather, size of the stadium, seat location, injuries to key players and whether teams are undefeated.

Demand for Penn State-Notre Dame tickets with an average selling price of $756 per seat has been rank the highest on TicketCity.com since the first week in August among all other collegiate football games.

By comparison, the Michigan-Ohio State game set for Nov. 17 is ranked second with the average single ticket price selling at $678, which is likely fall since Michigan was defeated by Appalachian State last Saturday.

Changes to the state’s Resale Amusement Ticket Law in July allow ticket holders to legally make a profit as long as they sell their seats through an Internet marketplace, such as TicketCity, eBay, or Stubhub.

Two conditions must be met to make the transaction legal, a spokesperson for the states Office of Attorney General said.

“Selling online, you must have a business presence and a physical street address in Pennsylvania, or have a license with the state Department of State,” Lauren Bozart said.

Before changes to the law, a ticket holder was prohibited from selling tickets at more than 25 percent or $5 above face value of the ticket, whichever was greater, Bozart said.

In 2006, Penn State began offering Nittany Lion TicketExchange, a process that allows season ticket holders to safely resell their seats legally without going to the secondary ticket market, Myford said.

Nittany Lion TicketExchange is solely for season ticket holders that have active ticket accounts with Penn State Athletics. The general public cannot utilize the service to post tickets for sale, Myford said.

Latest figures from Nittany Lion TicketExchange show that 93 season ticket holders are selling their Notre Dame tickets. Prices vary from $316.25 to $1,086 per ticket.

“The Notre Dame ticket by any account is the most in demand for years.”

Greg Myford

associate athletic director at Penn State

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