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September 2009 - NBC 4 Helps You

September 2009 - NBC 4 Helps You

NBC 4 GOT ANSWERS to help you know how to pick out a fake ticket.

By Tom Brockman
Published: September 1, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The countdown is on for the Buckeye Nation.

In only four days, the OSU Football Buckeyes will take the field for the season opener against Navy.

If fans aren’t scrambling to find tickets to this game, chances are they are for the matchup against USC Saturday, Sept. 12.

Buckeye Nation fans don’t want to be ripped off with fake tickets, right?

Unfortunately, though, some fans do purchase fake tickets.

Fans can take simple steps to keep the same thing from happening to them.

They’re little more than strips of cardboard.

To Buckeyes fans, though, OSU tickets are worth a lot more than the material on which they’re printed: Tickets are a way inside Ohio Stadium to watch college football at its finest.

Tickets will be hard to come by again because they’re sold out. That doesn’t mean purchasing tickets will be impossible. 

A search for tickets for the Ohio State and Navy matchup on eBay yielded dozens of results.

Those tickets likely will cost you hundreds of dollars, especially when the Buckeyes take on USC in Week 2.

Those pricey pieces of cardboard could turn out to be only that thanks to counterfeiters, according to OSU officials.

“I don’t know you can ever stay a step ahead of them,” said Bill Jones, associate athletic director for OSU Ticketing. “What we want to do is make sure we have enough features that it’s minimizing the amount of counterfeit tickets possible.”

So how can you make sure you don’t get taken?

University officials suggested buying from a reputable source. Buy your tickets in person, and inspect the tickets.

Real tickets should have pinwheel foil on the front and a watermark on the back.

The ticket shouldn’t feel like a piece of paper.

“A lot of times we’ve seen in the past that tickets will fall apart, and those I would not recommend anybody purchasing,” Jones said.

Anyone with questions over the legitimacy of tickets should contact the OSU Ticket Office at 800-GO-BUCKS or 614-292-2624.

Talk about some hot tickets ...

The hottest college football game is the USC vs. OSU game. Tickets are going for an average price of $707.

Tickets for the OSU vs. Penn State and OSU vs. Michigan games also are in the top 20.

That’s according to TicketCity.

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