By Meredith Owen

TicketCity's ranking of the most expensive  MLB Opening Day tickets is designed to identify the Opening Day match-ups with the strongest ticket demand. If your team is on this list, there's a good chance that everyone you know is already going to the game - and so should you.

Top 10 Most Expensive Opening Day Tickets
Avg Ticket Price
Min. Ticket Price 
1 Milwaukee Brewers at Boston Red Sox $265 $146
2 Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles $171 $104
3 Philadelphia Phillies at Texas Rangers $167 $50
4 Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals $157 $10
5 St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds $157 $52
6 Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers $156 $10
7 Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants $152 $51
8 Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees $151 $52
9 San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers $141 $68
10 Washington Nationals at New York Mets $122 $48
  • Data is from March 24, 2043.
  • Average Price is generated from secondary market tickets listed on
  • All prices are per ticket.
  • Prices are subject to change, so they may not be the same today.