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Pittsburgh Penguins Schedule

See current and historical schedules for Pittsburgh Penguins. TicketCity tracks where and when Pittsburgh Penguins has been so you can plan where to see them next.

DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
12/31/2017 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$81.00
1/2/2018 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$29.00
1/4/2018Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$48.00
1/5/2018 New York IslandersBrooklynBarclays Center$35.00
1/7/2018Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
1/13/2018Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
1/14/2018New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$67.00
1/17/2018 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$31.00
1/18/2018 Los Angeles KingsLos Arena$35.00
1/20/2018 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$85.00
1/23/2018Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$21.00
1/25/2018Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
1/30/2018San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$25.00
2/2/2018Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$67.00
2/3/2018 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$57.00
2/6/2018Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$166.00
2/9/2018 Dallas StarsDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$28.00
2/11/2018 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$0.00
2/13/2018Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
2/15/2018Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$42.00
2/17/2018Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$406.00
2/18/2018 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$0.00
2/23/2018 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$27.00
2/24/2018 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$73.00
2/27/2018New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$77.00
3/1/2018 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$83.00
3/3/2018New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$114.00
3/5/2018Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$51.00
3/7/2018 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$76.00
3/10/2018 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$241.00
3/11/2018Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$31.00
3/14/2018 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$27.00
3/15/2018 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$128.00
3/20/2018 New York IslandersBrooklynBarclays Center$5.00
3/21/2018Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$66.00
3/23/2018New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$48.00
3/25/2018Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$38.00
3/27/2018 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$48.00
3/29/2018 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$17.00
3/31/2018Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$159.00
4/1/2018Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$116.00
4/5/2018 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$42.00
4/6/2018Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$152.00
4/11/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$33.00
4/13/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$136.00
4/15/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$89.00
4/18/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$16.00
4/20/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$71.00
4/22/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$43.00
4/24/2018NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$78.00
4/26/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals WashingtonCapital One Arena$25.00
4/29/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals WashingtonCapital One Arena$137.00
5/1/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$49.00
5/3/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$86.00
5/5/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals WashingtonCapital One Arena$135.00
5/7/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$114.00
5/9/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals WashingtonCapital One Arena$83.00
5/9/2018NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: TBD - Home Game 4 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$147.00
5/11/2018NHL Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 1 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$103.00
5/13/2018NHL Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 2 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$132.00
5/19/2018NHL Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 3 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$124.00
5/21/2018NHL Eastern Conference Finals: TBD - Home Game 4 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$245.00
5/29/2018NHL Stanley Cup Finals: TBD - Home Game 1 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$328.00
5/30/2018NHL Stanley Cup Finals: TBD - Home Game 2 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$358.00
6/7/2018NHL Stanley Cup Finals: TBD - Home Game 3 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$598.00
6/10/2018NHL Stanley Cup Finals: TBD - Home Game 4 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$769.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
9/18/2018NHL Preseason - Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$3.00
9/19/2018NHL Preseason - Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$4.00
9/22/2018NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$15.00
9/23/2018NHL Preseason - Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$27.00
9/26/2018NHL Preseason - Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$3.00
9/28/2018NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$0.00
10/4/2018Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$13.00
10/6/2018Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
10/11/2018Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$21.00
10/13/2018 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$0.00
10/16/2018Vancouver Canucks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
10/18/2018 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$87.00
10/23/2018 Edmonton OilersEdmontonRogers Place$36.00
10/25/2018 Calgary FlamesCalgaryScotiabank Saddledome$26.00
10/27/2018 Vancouver CanucksVancouverRogers Arena$67.00
10/30/2018New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
11/1/2018 New York IslandersBrooklynBarclays Center$9.00
11/3/2018Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$42.00
11/5/2018New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$21.00
11/7/2018 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$42.00
11/10/2018Arizona Coyotes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$96.00
11/13/2018 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$15.00
11/15/2018Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$13.00
11/17/2018 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$24.00
11/19/2018Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
11/21/2018Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
11/23/2018 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$84.00
11/24/2018Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$34.00
11/27/2018 Winnipeg JetsWinnipegCanada Life Centre$55.00
11/28/2018 Colorado AvalancheDenverBall Arena$34.00
12/1/2018Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$63.00
12/4/2018Colorado Avalanche PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$9.00
12/6/2018New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$11.00
12/8/2018 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$10.00
12/10/2018 New York IslandersUniondaleNassau Coliseum$17.00
12/12/2018 Chicago BlackhawksChicagoUnited Center$5.00
12/14/2018Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$16.00
12/15/2018Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$60.00
12/17/2018Anaheim Ducks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
12/19/2018 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$85.00
12/20/2018Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$39.00
12/22/2018 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$31.00
12/27/2018Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$155.00
12/29/2018 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$58.00
12/31/2018 Minnesota WildSaint PaulXcel Energy Center$54.00
1/2/2019 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$105.00
1/4/2019Winnipeg Jets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$46.00
1/6/2019Chicago Blackhawks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$27.00
1/8/2019Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
1/11/2019 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$42.00
1/12/2019 Los Angeles KingsLos Arena$103.00
1/15/2019 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$33.00
1/18/2019 Arizona CoyotesGlendaleDesert Diamond Arena$36.00
1/19/2019 Vegas Golden KnightsLas VegasT-Mobile Arena$163.00
1/28/2019New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
1/30/2019Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$29.00
2/1/2019Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$26.00
2/2/2019 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$79.00
2/5/2019Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$14.00
2/7/2019 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$27.00
2/9/2019 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$69.00
2/11/2019 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$21.00
2/13/2019Edmonton Oilers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$39.00
2/16/2019Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$152.00
2/17/2019New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$88.00
2/19/2019 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$18.00
2/21/2019San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$35.00
2/23/2019NHL Stadium Series: Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaLincoln Financial Field$71.00
2/26/2019 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$35.00
3/1/2019 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$117.00
3/2/2019 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$114.00
3/5/2019Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$29.00
3/7/2019Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$44.00
3/9/2019 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$79.00
3/10/2019Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$26.00
3/12/2019Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$59.00
3/14/2019 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$0.00
3/16/2019St. Louis Blues PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/17/2019Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$44.00
3/19/2019 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$0.00
3/21/2019 Nashville PredatorsNashvilleBridgestone Arena$73.00
3/23/2019 Dallas StarsDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$57.00
3/25/2019 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$63.00
3/29/2019Nashville Predators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$84.00
3/31/2019Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
4/2/2019 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$24.00
4/4/2019Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$17.00
4/6/2019New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$253.00
4/10/2019NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: New York Islanders UniondaleNassau Coliseum$84.00
4/12/2019NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: New York Islanders UniondaleNassau Coliseum$173.00
4/14/2019NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$69.00
4/16/2019New York Islanders - NHL Eastern Conference QuarterfinalsPittsburghPPG Paints Arena$66.00
4/18/2019 New York Islanders - NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals UniondaleNassau Coliseum$171.00
4/20/2019New York Islanders - NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$70.00
4/22/2019 New York Islanders - NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals UniondaleNassau Coliseum$172.00
4/24/2019NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD - Home Game 4 PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$66.00
4/26/2019TBD - Home Game 1 - NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$82.00
4/28/2019TBD - Home Game 2 - NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$82.00
5/2/2019TBD - Home Game 3 - NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$82.00
5/8/2019TBD - Home Game 4 - NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$95.00
5/10/2019TBD - Home Game 1 - NHL Eastern Conference Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$119.00
5/12/2019TBD - Home Game 2 - NHL Eastern Conference Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$130.00
5/18/2019TBD - Home Game 3 - NHL Eastern Conference Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$130.00
5/22/2019TBD - Home Game 4 - NHL Eastern Conference Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$156.00
5/27/2019TBD - Home Game 1 - NHL Stanley Cup Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$270.00
5/28/2019TBD - Home Game 2 - NHL Stanley Cup Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$270.00
6/6/2019TBD - Home Game 3 - NHL Stanley Cup Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$424.00
6/10/2019TBD - Home Game 4 - NHL Stanley Cup Finals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$853.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
9/6/2019NHL Prospects Challenge - Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston BruinsBuffaloHarborCenter$33.00
9/7/2019NHL Prospects Challenge - New Jersey Devils vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsBuffaloHarborCenter$33.00
9/9/2019NHL Prospects Challenge - Buffalo Sabres vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsBuffaloHarborCenter$33.00
9/16/2019NHL Preseason - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Buffalo SabresUniversity ParkPegula Ice Arena$20.00
9/19/2019NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$3.00
9/21/2019NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$5.00
9/22/2019NHL Preseason - Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$7.00
9/25/2019NHL Preseason - Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$3.00
9/28/2019NHL Preseason - Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$32.00
10/3/2019Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$22.00
10/5/2019Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$43.00
10/8/2019Winnipeg Jets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$23.00
10/10/2019Anaheim Ducks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$8.00
10/12/2019 Minnesota WildSaint PaulXcel Energy Center$76.00
10/13/2019 Winnipeg JetsWinnipegCanada Life Centre$25.00
10/16/2019Colorado Avalanche PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$33.00
10/18/2019Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$16.00
10/19/2019Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$42.00
10/22/2019 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$0.00
10/23/2019 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$21.00
10/26/2019 Dallas StarsDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$31.00
10/29/2019Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
11/2/2019Edmonton Oilers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$151.00
11/4/2019 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$37.00
11/7/2019 New York IslandersBrooklynBarclays Center$10.00
11/9/2019Chicago Blackhawks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$439.00
11/12/2019 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$27.00
11/15/2019 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$41.00
11/16/2019Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
11/19/2019New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
11/21/2019 New York IslandersBrooklynBarclays Center$17.00
11/22/2019New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$12.00
11/25/2019Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$19.00
11/27/2019Vancouver Canucks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
11/29/2019 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$43.00
11/30/2019 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$65.00
12/4/2019St. Louis Blues PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$7.00
12/6/2019Arizona Coyotes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
12/7/2019 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$21.00
12/10/2019Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$14.00
12/12/2019Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$12.00
12/14/2019Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$33.00
12/17/2019 Calgary FlamesCalgaryScotiabank Saddledome$20.00
12/20/2019 Edmonton OilersEdmontonRogers Place$43.00
12/21/2019 Vancouver CanucksVancouverRogers Arena$29.00
12/27/2019 Nashville PredatorsNashvilleBridgestone Arena$59.00
12/28/2019Nashville Predators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$54.00
12/30/2019Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$64.00
1/2/2020San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$34.00
1/4/2020 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$64.00
1/5/2020Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$43.00
1/7/2020 Vegas Golden KnightsLas VegasT-Mobile Arena$63.00
1/10/2020 Colorado AvalancheDenverBall Arena$47.00
1/12/2020 Arizona CoyotesGlendaleDesert Diamond Arena$29.00
1/14/2020Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$34.00
1/16/2020 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$81.00
1/17/2020 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$34.00
1/19/2020Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$71.00
1/21/2020 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$5.00
1/31/2020Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$98.00
2/2/2020 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$118.00
2/6/2020 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$21.00
2/8/2020 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$94.00
2/11/2020Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$40.00
2/14/2020Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$54.00
2/16/2020Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$51.00
2/18/2020Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$22.00
2/20/2020 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$98.00
2/22/2020Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$59.00
2/23/2020 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$0.00
2/26/2020 Los Angeles KingsLos Arena$18.00
2/28/2020 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$23.00
2/29/2020 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$72.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
9/27/2021NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$5.00
10/1/2021NHL Preseason - Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$4.00
10/3/2021NHL Preseason - Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$35.00
10/5/2021NHL Preseason - Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$5.00
10/7/2021NHL Preseason - Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$0.00
10/9/2021NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$14.00
10/12/2021 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$105.00
10/14/2021 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$28.00
10/16/2021Chicago Blackhawks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$243.00
10/19/2021Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$21.00
10/23/2021Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
10/26/2021Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$19.00
10/28/2021Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
10/30/2021New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
11/4/2021Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$17.00
11/6/2021Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
11/9/2021 Chicago BlackhawksChicagoUnited Center$8.00
11/11/2021Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
11/13/2021 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$25.00
11/14/2021 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$74.00
11/16/2021Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$18.00
11/18/2021 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$76.00
11/18/2021 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$26.00
11/20/2021 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$37.00
11/22/2021 Winnipeg JetsWinnipegCanada Life Centre$33.00
11/24/2021Vancouver Canucks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$26.00
11/26/2021 New York IslandersElmontUBS Arena$54.00
11/27/2021Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
11/29/2021 Calgary FlamesCalgaryScotiabank Saddledome$14.00
12/1/2021 Edmonton OilersEdmontonRogers Place$48.00
12/4/2021 Vancouver CanucksVancouverRogers Arena$41.00
12/6/2021 Seattle KrakenSeattleClimate Pledge Arena$92.00
12/10/2021 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$87.00
12/11/2021Anaheim Ducks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
12/14/2021Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$15.00
12/17/2021Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$35.00
12/19/2021 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$27.00
1/2/2022San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$55.00
1/5/2022St. Louis Blues PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$36.00
1/6/2022 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$12.00
1/8/2022 Dallas StarsDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$0.00
1/11/2022 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$27.00
1/13/2022 Los Angeles KingsLos Arena$25.00
1/15/2022 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$22.00
1/17/2022 Vegas Golden KnightsLas VegasT-Mobile Arena$43.00
1/20/2022Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$21.00
1/21/2022 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$28.00
1/23/2022Winnipeg Jets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
1/25/2022Arizona Coyotes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$19.00
1/27/2022Seattle Kraken PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
1/28/2022Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$93.00
1/30/2022Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
2/1/2022Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$33.00
2/8/2022 Boston Bruins BostonTD Garden$20.00
2/10/2022 Ottawa Senators OttawaCanadian Tire Centre$22.00
2/13/2022 New Jersey Devils NewarkPrudential Center$0.00
2/15/2022Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$61.00
2/17/2022 Toronto Maple Leafs TorontoScotiabank Arena$121.00
2/17/2022 Toronto Maple Leafs TorontoScotiabank Arena$70.00
2/20/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
2/24/2022New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$16.00
2/26/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
2/27/2022 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$50.00
3/3/2022 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$21.00
3/4/2022 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$48.00
3/8/2022Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
3/11/2022Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
3/13/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/15/2022 Nashville PredatorsNashvilleBridgestone Arena$116.00
3/17/2022 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$76.00
3/19/2022 Arizona CoyotesGlendaleDesert Diamond Arena$0.00
3/22/2022Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
3/23/2022 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$55.00
3/25/2022 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$0.00
3/27/2022Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/29/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/31/2022 Minnesota WildSaint PaulXcel Energy Center$62.00
4/2/2022 Colorado AvalancheDenverBall Arena$0.00
4/5/2022Colorado Avalanche PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$27.00
4/7/2022 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$0.00
4/9/2022Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/10/2022Nashville Predators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/12/2022 New York Islanders ElmontUBS Arena$7.00
4/14/2022New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/16/2022 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$81.00
4/21/2022Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/23/2022 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$0.00
4/24/2022 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$7.00
4/26/2022Edmonton Oilers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$15.00
4/29/2022Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$19.00
5/3/2022 New York Rangers New YorkMadison Square Garden$126.00
5/5/2022 New York Rangers New YorkMadison Square Garden$874.00
5/7/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
5/9/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$90.00
5/10/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$90.00
5/11/2022 New York Rangers New YorkMadison Square Garden$208.00
5/13/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$102.00
5/15/2022 New York Rangers New YorkMadison Square Garden$0.00
5/21/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$119.00
5/23/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$123.00
5/25/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$157.00
5/27/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$123.00
5/30/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$200.00
6/3/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$163.00
6/7/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$229.00
6/11/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$229.00
6/15/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$497.00
6/19/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$542.00
6/23/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$580.00
6/27/2022TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$632.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
9/25/2022NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$31.00
9/25/2022NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets ColumbusNationwide Arena$4.00
9/27/2022NHL Preseason - Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$7.00
10/1/2022NHL Preseason - Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$0.00
10/3/2022NHL Preseason - Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$3.00
10/7/2022NHL Preseason - Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$25.00
10/13/2022Arizona Coyotes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$49.00
10/15/2022Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
10/17/2022 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$26.00
10/20/2022Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$31.00
10/22/2022 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$43.00
10/24/2022 Edmonton OilersEdmontonRogers Place$39.00
10/25/2022 Calgary FlamesCalgaryScotiabank Saddledome$12.00
10/28/2022 Vancouver CanucksVancouverRogers Arena$40.00
10/29/2022 Seattle KrakenSeattleClimate Pledge Arena$90.00
11/1/2022Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$32.00
11/2/2022 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$40.00
11/5/2022Seattle Kraken PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$98.00
11/9/2022 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$31.00
11/11/2022 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$85.00
11/12/2022 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$149.00
11/15/2022Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
11/17/2022 Minnesota WildSaint PaulXcel Energy Center$25.00
11/19/2022 Winnipeg JetsWinnipegCanada Life Centre$127.00
11/20/2022 Chicago Blackhawks ChicagoUnited Center$39.00
11/23/2022Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$55.00
11/25/2022 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$47.00
11/26/2022Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$63.00
11/29/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$19.00
12/1/2022Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$14.00
12/3/2022St. Louis Blues PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
12/6/2022Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$17.00
12/9/2022 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$117.00
12/10/2022Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$342.00
12/12/2022Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$20.00
12/15/2022 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$21.00
12/18/2022 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$0.00
12/20/2022New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$44.00
12/22/2022Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$56.00
12/27/2022 New York IslandersElmontUBS Arena$102.00
12/28/2022Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$98.00
12/30/2022New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$127.00
1/2/2023NHL Winter Classic - Boston BruinsBostonFenway Park$0.00
1/5/2023 Vegas Golden KnightsLas VegasT-Mobile Arena$17.00
1/8/2023 Arizona CoyotesTempeMullett Arena$137.00
1/10/2023Vancouver Canucks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
1/13/2023Winnipeg Jets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$77.00
1/14/2023 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$98.00
1/16/2023Anaheim Ducks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$26.00
1/18/2023 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$14.00
1/20/2023Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$68.00
1/22/2023 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$0.00
1/24/2023Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$14.00
1/26/2023 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$102.00
1/28/2023San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$105.00
2/7/2023Colorado Avalanche PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
2/10/2023 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$34.00
2/11/2023 Los Angeles Kings - Dustin Brown Jersey RetirementLos Arena$77.00
2/14/2023 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$23.00
2/17/2023 New York Islanders ElmontUBS Arena$40.00
2/18/2023New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
2/20/2023New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$33.00
2/23/2023Edmonton Oilers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$59.00
2/25/2023 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$0.00
2/26/2023Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
2/28/2023 Nashville PredatorsNashvilleBridgestone Arena$31.00
3/2/2023 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$45.00
3/4/2023 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$17.00
3/7/2023Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
3/9/2023New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$36.00
3/11/2023Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/12/2023New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/14/2023Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$56.00
3/16/2023 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$122.00
3/18/2023 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$188.00
3/20/2023Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$14.00
3/22/2023 Colorado AvalancheDenverBall Arena$44.00
3/23/2023 Dallas Stars DallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$17.00
3/25/2023Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$144.00
3/28/2023 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$30.00
3/30/2023Nashville Predators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$18.00
4/1/2023Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/2/2023Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$74.00
4/4/2023 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$33.00
4/6/2023Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/8/2023 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$0.00
4/11/2023Chicago Blackhawks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$106.00
4/13/2023 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$14.00
4/17/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$104.00
4/19/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$108.00
4/25/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$120.00
4/29/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$187.00
5/2/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$152.00
5/4/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$152.00
5/10/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$182.00
5/14/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$290.00
5/15/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$253.00
5/18/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$253.00
5/23/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$343.00
5/27/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$509.00
5/29/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$884.00
5/31/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$884.00
6/8/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$1271.00
6/12/2023TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$1727.00
DateMatchupCityVenueLow Price
9/24/2023NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
9/24/2023NHL Preseason - Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$4.00
9/26/2023NHL Preseason - Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$4.00
9/28/2023NHL Preseason - Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$12.00
10/2/2023NHL Preseason - Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh PenguinsHalifaxScotiabank Centre$0.00
10/4/2023NHL Preseason - Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$6.00
10/6/2023NHL Preseason - Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$35.00
10/10/2023Chicago Blackhawks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$130.00
10/13/2023 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$69.00
10/14/2023Calgary Flames PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$63.00
10/18/2023 Detroit Red WingsDetroitLittle Caesars Arena$18.00
10/21/2023 St. Louis BluesSt. LouisEnterprise Center$20.00
10/24/2023Dallas Stars PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$25.00
10/26/2023Colorado Avalanche PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$18.00
10/28/2023Ottawa Senators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$80.00
10/30/2023Anaheim Ducks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$38.00
11/4/2023 San Jose SharksSan JoseSAP Center$92.00
11/7/2023 Anaheim DucksAnaheimHonda Center$17.00
11/9/2023 Los Angeles KingsLos Arena$51.00
11/11/2023Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$105.00
11/14/2023 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$17.00
11/16/2023New Jersey Devils PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$57.00
11/18/2023 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$83.00
11/19/2023Vegas Golden Knights PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$25.00
11/22/2023New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$47.00
11/24/2023 Buffalo SabresBuffaloKeyBank Center$85.00
11/25/2023Toronto Maple Leafs PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$38.00
11/28/2023 Nashville PredatorsNashvilleBridgestone Arena$11.00
11/30/2023 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$33.00
12/2/2023Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$78.00
12/4/2023 Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$35.00
12/6/2023 Tampa Bay LightningTampaAmalie Arena$37.00
12/8/2023 Florida PanthersSunriseAmerant Bank Arena$23.00
12/12/2023Arizona Coyotes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
12/13/2023 Montreal CanadiensMontrealBell Centre$37.00
12/16/2023 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$110.00
12/18/2023Minnesota Wild PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$28.00
12/21/2023Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$51.00
12/23/2023 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$26.00
12/27/2023 New York IslandersElmontUBS Arena$62.00
12/30/2023St. Louis Blues PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$86.00
12/31/2023New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
1/2/2024Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$39.00
1/4/2024 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$68.00
1/6/2024Buffalo Sabres PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$60.00
1/8/2024 Philadelphia Flyers PhiladelphiaWells Fargo Center-PA$36.00
1/11/2024Vancouver Canucks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$38.00
1/13/2024 Carolina HurricanesRaleighPNC Arena$85.00
1/15/2024Seattle Kraken PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
1/20/2024 Vegas Golden KnightsLas VegasT-Mobile Arena$42.00
1/22/2024 Arizona CoyotesTempeMullett Arena$158.00
1/26/2024Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$58.00
1/27/2024Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$75.00
2/6/2024Winnipeg Jets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$23.00
2/9/2024 Minnesota WildSaint PaulXcel Energy Center$81.00
2/10/2024 Winnipeg JetsWinnipegCanada Life Centre$80.00
2/14/2024Florida Panthers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$30.00
2/15/2024 Chicago BlackhawksChicagoUnited Center$42.00
2/18/2024Los Angeles Kings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$101.00
2/20/2024New York Islanders PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$24.00
2/22/2024Montreal Canadiens PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$23.00
2/25/2024Philadelphia Flyers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
2/27/2024 Vancouver CanucksVancouverRogers Arena$53.00
2/29/2024 Seattle KrakenSeattleClimate Pledge Arena$56.00
3/2/2024 Calgary FlamesCalgaryScotiabank Saddledome$50.00
3/3/2024 Edmonton OilersEdmontonRogers Place$80.00
3/5/2024Columbus Blue Jackers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$25.00
3/7/2024Washington Capitals PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$37.00
3/9/2024 Boston BruinsBostonTD Garden$138.00
3/10/2024Edmonton Oilers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$56.00
3/12/2024 Ottawa SenatorsOttawaCanadian Tire Centre$23.00
3/14/2024San Jose Sharks PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$32.00
3/16/2024New York Rangers PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/17/2024Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$34.00
3/19/2024 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$10.00
3/22/2024 Dallas StarsDallasAmerican Airlines Center - TX$27.00
3/24/2024 Colorado AvalancheDenverBall Arena$0.00
3/26/2024Carolina Hurricanes PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$18.00
3/28/2024Columbus Blue Jackets PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
3/30/2024 Columbus Blue JacketsColumbusNationwide Arena$63.00
4/1/2024 New York RangersNew YorkMadison Square Garden$86.00
4/2/2024 New Jersey DevilsNewarkPrudential Center$0.00
4/4/2024 Washington CapitalsWashingtonCapital One Arena$67.00
4/6/2024Tampa Bay Lightning PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$87.00
4/8/2024 Toronto Maple LeafsTorontoScotiabank Arena$94.00
4/11/2024Detroit Red Wings PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/13/2024Boston Bruins PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$64.00
4/15/2024Nashville Predators PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$0.00
4/17/2024 New York IslandersElmontUBS Arena$7.00
4/19/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$106.00
4/20/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$106.00
4/21/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$161.00
4/22/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/3/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/4/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/9/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/12/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/18/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/19/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/24/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/25/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167.00
5/30/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167
6/1/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167
6/3/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167
6/4/2024TBD PittsburghPPG Paints Arena$2167