Famous Stanley Cup Matchups from Recent History

Stanley Cup Matchups

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Famous Stanley Cup Matchups

1987 Stanley Cup
The Edmonton Oilers and Philadelphia Flyers faced one another again for a second time since the '85 final. The top 2 teams in the regular season, the Oilers were first and the Flyers second. These teams were arguably the most dominant teams of this era and every time the teams played the games were highly anticipated. The 85 final went to five, but the rematch would take a full seven games to resolve. The Oilers opened strong, winning 2 games, but the Flyers responded by tying up the series in the next 2. The back and forth continued until both teams were tied at 3 each. Game seven ended with a 3-1 Edmonton win, in one of the best remembered Stanley Cup match-ups of all time.

1994 Stanley Cup
The 1994 Stanley cup is special to many New Yorkers as the team was able to bring a championship to the city for the first time in 54 years. New York fielded many stars, including Mark Messier, Mark Richter and Brian Leetch, against a strong Canucks squad. The Canucks opened the series by winning the first game, but the Rangers took control and won the next 3 games. With a 2 game lead and one victory away from the Cup, the city of New York was already planning the victory parade, but the Canucks upset those plans, in game five and again in game six. The resulting game seven was a historic affair for both teams, and, with some last second 'creative play' from Rangers' Mark Messier and Craig MacTavish, the Rangers brought the Stanley Cup to New York. The Globe and Mail called the win the greatest event in hockey since the Miracle on Ice.

1999 Stanley Cup
The Buffalo Sabers and Dallas Stars met for the 106th Stanley Cup in a series that would be remembered for the controversy over the game, and series-winning goal by Brett Hull of the Stars. The series opened with a win by the Sabers, and a 2 game streak by the Stars. The Sabers tied it up, but the Stars won game five in a shut-out, placing the series at 3-2 in the Stars favor. This lead to Game Six and the controversial "No Goal" by Breet Hull in triple overtime. The controversy arose over Hull's skate being in the "crease," and area in front of the goal where a player may not enter before the puck. Officials ruled the shot was legal as he was in possession of the puck, but many Sabers fans considered the shot illegal.

2001 Stanley Cup
The 2001 meeting between the New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche was stacked with hockey talent on both sides. There was the goalie match up between Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy, the offensive prowess of Joe Sakic and Alexander Mogilny, and the defensive match up between Ray Bourque and Scott Stevens. Future hall-of-famer Ray Bourque had been with the Boston Bruins for his entire career but had never seen a Stanley Cup. Galvanized to give Bourque a Stanley Cup win, the Avalanche made it to the finals to face the Devils. The series was tied 2 games each in game five, when the Devils pulled out ahead. The Avalanche stayed in the game for game six, forcing a game seven and, in a 3-1 win, got Ray's name etched on the Stanley Cup.

2012 Stanley Cup
The Los Angeles Kings were selected as the eighth seed of the playoffs. The first round put them up against the number one seeded Vancouver Canucks, who know one thought they could surpass. Not only did they surpass the Canucks, but they also soared by the #2 St. Louis Blues and the #3 Phoenix Coyotes. The Kings advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in almost 20 years. In game 6 of the Stanley Cup series the Kings beat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 and for the first time in franchise history brought home the Cup, becoming the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions.

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