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 2017 Miami Marlins Spring Training Tickets and Schedule

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The Miami Marlins out of the National League East have their annual spring training in Jupiter, Florida. Each February, the Marlins coaches and players meet in Jupiter and begin holding workouts. In March, the Marlins play games against other Grapefruit League teams in Florida. These games serve as an opportunity for the players to get back into the routine of baseball before the regular season. These games are also helpful for the coaches, allowing them to analyze prospects and test out different strategic tactics. Since Jupiter is only about 90 miles away from Miami, the Marlins get a strong turnout at the spring training games. Even though the games don’t count towards the regular season record, they allow fans to get a sneak peek at their favorite team before the season starts. Score with TickCity – the place to go for Miami Marlins spring training tickets.

Miami Marlins Spring Training in the Grapefruit League

The Grapefruit League consists of all of the MLB teams that play their spring training games in the State of Florida. The Grapefruit League includes teams from both the American and National Leagues and gives fans the opportunity to see their teams play against teams from the opposite league on a regular basis. The Grapefruit League runs from early March through the first week in April.

Miami Marlins Spring Training at Roger Dean Stadium

Address: 4751 Main St., Jupiter, FL 33458

The Miami Marlins play their home games during spring training at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. When the stadium opened in 1998, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Montreal Expos were the venues tenants. After the Expos changed venues in 2002, the Marlins begans playing their spring training games at Roger Dean Stadium and continue to share the venue with the Cardinals today. Of all the Grapefruit League venues, Roger Dean Stadium is the busiest, hosting events all year round. The surrounding area is very green, making Roger Dean Stadium a scenic place to catch a baseball game.

Miami Marlins Spring Training Event Guide

How long are Miami Marlins Spring Training Games?

Miami Marlins spring training games are a full 9 innings and will give fans the experience of a full baseball game.

What Miami Marlins players will I see in Spring Training?

Spring Training is a mixture of everyday starters on Miami Marlins roster, and players in the Marlins minor league teams. Spring training is often an opportunity to see the up and coming stars from every club, gaining the experience that they need to make the final push toward the majors.

When are 2017 Miami Marlins spring training?

The Marlins will compete in the Grapefruit League from early March until early April 2017

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 2017 Miami Marlins Spring Training Tickets and Schedule