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Selling Tickets


Looking to become a supplier?

  • Do you dabble in tickets as a side job or consider yourself a ticket broker?
  • Do you sell more than $10,000 in tickets every year?
  • If so, click the link above to apply for TicketCity's supplier program.
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Have tickets to sell?

  • We can help. Click the "Sell Tickets" button to get started.
  • Make sure the tickets you are planning to sell are in your possession.
  • You will need to share the event info, section, row, seat number and desired price.

It's Your Money

TicketCity pays top dollar for popular events and buys your tickets outright. That means you know exactly how much you will get for your tickets and your payment will be available immediately.


Avoid The Hassle

Tired of trying to resell your tickets through auction sites, or other sites where you have to monitor pricing, respond to inquiries and meet with prospective buyers? TicketCity may not accept every offer that is made to us, but if we do agree to buy your tickets, we purchase them outright. We do not make you list your tickets and then wait weeks to find out if they sold, and at what price.


Experience Guaranteed

With 23+ years of experience in the ticketing industry, you can trust TicketCity to not only give you top dollar for your tickets but also perform the transaction in the most professional manner. With backing from the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Ticket Brokers you can be confident that TicketCity is a secure way to sell your tickets.

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