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Soccer Tickets Information

Soccer has long been known as the “world’s sport” with popularity living outside the United States in leagues like the English Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga, and Spain’s La Liga. While these countries still remain among the top talents in soccer, the MLS has slowly worked its way into the conversation. So much so as to spark interest from international teams to make the trip to the US and compete with MLS teams in international friendly matches. With world class teams like Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, and Manchester United lining up in stadiums on American soil, the MLS has been able to capitalize on this ever-growing popularity as well.

One of the most popular of these friendlies has been the MLS All-Star Game. In 2005 the All-Star game reinvented itself by featuring one MLS All-Star team against an international guest, rather than in previous years pitting the MLS East vs. MLS West. The 2016 MLS All-Star Game featuring Arsenal FC continued the trend of popularity on the popularity with average ticket prices up to $250, $150 higher than the previous year.

One of the biggest stories of the 2016 Soccer Season was the Copa America Centenario, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the tournament by coming to the United States. Copa America brought with it an all-star list of South American and Concacaf teams leading to major excitement. The highest average ticket price for Copa America came from the Bay Area, where Bay Area Venue Passes averaged more than $450. Top individual games for Copa America Centenario were the semifinal matches in Houston ($199 Average Ticket Price), semifinal in Chicago ($185 Average Ticket Price), and Argentina vs. Chile in Santa Clara ($175 Average Ticket Price). Soccer has steadily been on the rise in the United States and 2016 has seen the sport reach new heights. As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, so too will the ticket demand, especially with regards to games that occur around the same time as some of the larger global events in soccer. With a 2016 line up to include the Copa America in the United States, and the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup on the horizon, the soccer boom in America is just getting started.

Ticket prices based on averages as of May 11, 2016