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Recent FA Cup Final Locations:
- Wembley Stadium in London, UK
- Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, England

Recent FA Cup Final Winners:
- Liverpool FC
- Arsenal FC
- Manchester United
- Chelsea FC

The FA Cup Final is one of the premier soccer events in the world.  It is the final match in the Football Association Challenge Cup tournament.  The tournament is the oldest soccer tournament in the world and is a knockout cup competition among all teams in England’s Football Association.  The FA Cup Final tournament itself is a unique event in sports because it includes hundreds of teams from all ranks of England’s soccer leagues.  This provides any team in England (and sometimes Wales and Scotland) with the chance in theory to make it to the FA Cup Final.

The FA Cup Final has traditionally been played in London, but has also been moved to Cardiff when Wembley Stadium was being rebuilt.  The FA Cup Final was first played in 1872 has been played nearly every year since.  World War I disrupted the tournament and World War II created a temporary replacement for the Cup, known as the Football League War Cup.

The FA Cup Final is probably the most important sporting event in all of the UK, and attracts the attention of soccer fans around the world.  The English Premier League usually provides both teams that play in the FA Cup Final, and is arguably the best soccer league in the world, with the best players from all over the world playing for their club teams.  Buy FA Cup Final tickets today and witness the best players in the world’s most popular sport compete for soccer glory!