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US Open Tennis Tickets

US Open Tennis Tickets Tickets

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US Open Tennis Tickets

There may not be a better event that we offer tickets than the US Open, and every year it ranks at the top of the list of events sold at TicketCity. Our team of tennis experts really know the US Open, and we have been helping fans attend this event for over two decades. We have assisted individual families, country club tennis teams, large tour groups and many more attend the US Open Tennis Tournament. We have a huge selection of seats available here to purchase, but if you need assistance please reach out to us. There are reserved tickets, and parking, available for every session of the tournament. If you love tennis, then make sure you get to the 2023 US Open.

The US Open is a two-week tournament played at the USTA Tennis Center in Flushing, New York. The US Open always gets the top 30 (healthy) tennis players in the world which ensures that the biggest names in the sport are playing for fans at the Open. The atmosphere for a US Open match at Arthur Ashe Stadium can be electric, particularly for the night matches when top stars are playing. A host of celebrities, athletes, politicians, and the NYC elite come out to attend the big matches of the tournament. At the '22 US Open we spotted Ben Stiller, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Tiger Woods.

There are three main courts for fans attending the US Open at the National Tennis Center. The court number one at the US Open Tennis Tournament is Arthur Ashe Stadium, which may be referred to by some as Centre Court. The number two court is at Louis Armstrong Stadium. The Grandstand is court number three, and has a limited number of reserved courtside seats for the first eight Day sessions. There are also a number of outer courts which fans watch matches, and these courts have a ton of action during the first week of the tournament when the field is larger.

2023 US Open Tournament

The 2023 US Open Tennis Tournament starts on Monday, August 28, 2023 and will run through Sunday, September 10, 2023. Most days have two sessions; a daytime session and evening session. Each session requires a separate ticket. Day sessions often squeeze in more tennis action, while the evening sessions typically feature only marquee matches. The 2023 US Open Women's Singles Final is Session 24, which is set for Saturday, September 9th. The '23 Men's Singles Final is Session 25, which is on Sunday, September 10th. The complete US Open Tennis schedule is below.

TicketCity offers US Open tickets for all sessions, as well as, grounds passes. The US Open typically releases the match schedule (i.e.- which players are playing in each session) the day prior to each session. The draw is announced on the Thursday prior to the tournament starting.

2023 US Open Tennis Schedule

  • Session 1: Aug 28, Opening Day - 1st Round
  • Session 2: Aug 28, Opening Night - 1st Round
  • Session 3: Aug 29, Tuesday Day - 1st Round
  • Session 4: Aug 29, Tuesday Night - 1st Round
  • Session 5: Aug 30, Wednesday Day - 2nd Round
  • Session 6: Aug 30, Wednesday Night - 2nd Round
  • Session 7: Aug 31, Thursday Day - 2nd Round
  • Session 8: Aug 31, Thursday Night - 2nd Round
  • Session 9: Sept 1, Friday Day - 3rd Round
  • Session 10: Sept 1, Friday Night - 3rd Round
  • Session 11: Sept 2, Saturday Day - 3rd Round)
  • Session 12: Sept 2, Saturday Night - 3rd Round
  • Session 13: Sept 3, Sunday Day - Round of 16
  • Session 14: Sept 3, Sunday Night - Round of 16
  • Session 15: Sept 4, Labor Day - Round of 16
  • Session 16: Sept 4, Labor Day Night - Round of 16
  • Session 17: Sept 5, Quarterfinals - Tuesday Day
  • Session 18: Sept 5, Quarterfinals - Tuesday Night
  • Session 19: Sept 6, Quarterfinals - Wednesday Day
  • Session 20: Sept 6, Quarterfinals - Wednesday Night
  • Session 21: Sept 7, Women’s Semifinals & Men's/Women's Doubles Semifinals
  • Session 22: Sept 8, Men’s Semifinals & Men's Doubles Final
  • Session 23: Sept 8, Men's Semifinals
  • Session 24: Sept 9, Women’s Singles Final
  • Session 25: Sept 10, Men’s Singles Final

* All times are Eastern. Schedule is subject to change.

US Open Session 21 (Women's Singles Semifinals)

The Thursday at Flushing Meadows features Session 21, which hosts both Women's Singles Semifinal matches. The winners of those Semifinal matches advance to play in the Women's Singles Final (Session 24) on Saturday. Also played during the Thursday Session 21 is the Men's and Women's Doubles Semifinals. Session 21 ranks among the best values at the US Open as you get a full day of tennis starting at lunch and extending through dinner. Prices on Session 21 are often slightly less than Session 22 & 23, so that makes this a desirable one for fans to attend.

US Open Session 22 and Session 23 (Men's Singles Semifinals)

The US Open Men's Semifinals matches take place on Friday during Session 22 and Session 23, with one Men's Semifinal in each session. The top men's players in this years tournament compete to earn a spot in the Men's Singles Final on Sunday (Session 25). This Friday day session also is the host for the Men's Doubles Final match or Men's Mixed Doubles Finals. That evening is Session 23, which includes the other Men's Semifinals match. For years both of the Men's Semifinals matches were played in the same Session, but recently the USTA divided these two high demand matches into separate matches on the same day.

US Open Session 24 (Women's Singles Final)

The final Saturday night at the US Open Tennis is the place to be for every big tennis fan around New York City. The atmosphere during Session 24 at the National Tennis Center is unlike every other evening of this two-week tournament, as everyone is in attendance to see two of the best female tennis players battle it out for the US Open crown.

US Open Session 25 (Men's Singles Final)

The most popular session at the US Open Tennis Tournament is the final session, which includes the Men's Championship match on the courts of Arthur Ashe Stadium. The final match of the US Open takes place in the late afternoon typically starting around 4pm local time. The winners from Friday's Men's Semifinals (Session 22 & 23) will take the court in-front of the capacity crowd to try to earn a piece of history. Demand for Session 25 tickets outpaces demand for every other session during the US Open Tennis Tournament, although the Women's Singles Final (Session 24) is very close in popularity.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Prior to the start of the tournament, Arthur Ashe Kids day tickets provide access to the kick-off event at the US Open. Arthur Ashe Kids Day includes musical performances by popular musicians and appearance by tennis stars. Kids day is a ticketed event that takes place in Ashe Stadium, which means you have to purchase a ticket (or be an invited guest) in order to attend.

The US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium

The USTA National Tennis Center is the host venue for the United States Open tennis tournament, and Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium are the two most well-known venues inside the NTC. There are 22 tennis courts on the complex, and during the tournament they all serve some capacity but the top three courts are where the majority of the big matches take place. The best matches are at Arthur Ashe Stadium (Court 1). The matches scheduled on Louis Armstrong Stadium (Court 2) also feature many of the top players. The Grandstand (Court 3) has some limited reserved seating for matches there during the first part of the tourney. Reserved seats are available in Ashe, Louie Armstrong and the Grandstand; although the later two also offer general admission seating. Grounds passes allow access to non-reserved areas of Louis Armstrong, the Grandstand and the other outer courts. The main court (Court 1) is located inside Arthur Ashe Stadium seats approximately 22,500 tennis fans, and requires a reserved ticket. The tournament is played on a hard-court surface and Arthur Ashe Stadium has a retractable roof which closes for inclement weather.

There are plenty of terrific options for tickets when you attend the US Open Tennis Tournament. Fans attending matches in Arthur Ashe Stadium will want to determine how elevated from the court they want to be and then choose either Court side seating, Loge seats or Promenade tickets. Another consideration is whether you want to sit on the side of the court, which offers nice view of action but will keep your head moving back-and-forth to follow the volleys. Or fans can sit behind the court (on the end of the court behind where they serve) which provides a straight-on view of the action with a better view of the action in the near court. Another consideration for fans attending a day session of the US Open is whether they are fine to sit in the sun which shines on the east side of the venue (e.g.- Sections 107-113). Fans who want to sit in shade during day sessions will want to find tickets on the west side of Arthur Ashe (e.g.- Sections 125-131).


Courtside Boxes

Courtside boxes get you so close to the action that you can hear the players talking on the court. These are the most prestigious seats available to purchase at the US Open tournament. Courtside level seats are located in Sections 1 to 67. Seats in this area are considered box seats because each box is enclosed by a set of railing. Most boxes accommodate 8 seats arranged across two rows. The row number is the same within each box, even though the seats are split over two rows. Only the seat numbers determine which seats are located in the forward row, and which are located in the behind row within the individual box. While most boxes do accommodate 8 ticket holders, there are some boxes in the corners of Ashe which may have fewer tickets within the box. The closest row to the court which fans can purchase varies between either being Row AA on the end of the court or Row A for side court seats. The Row A seats we offer are actually the 2nd row on the side as the USTA added (in 2021) a row in-front of their boxes for VIP guests which used to be area used by the photographers. Corners and seats behind the baseline all begin at row E. Row H is the last row in most sections, with some sections featuring accessible seats on row J, there is no row I.

Typical box Seating configuration with Seat Numbers.

  • 1 2 3 4 (seat numbers for front row of box)
  • 8 7 6 5 (seat numbers for back row of box)
  • Note: seat numbers are not listed when a seller offers US Open tickets for sale, so fans purchasing Courtside seats online will be within the box in the first or second row of the box.

A court side box can be purchased a whole box (8 tickets), half box (4 tickets) or as individual tickets within a box (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, or 7 tickets). Many of our fans entertaining clients at the Open will purchase a half box (4 tickets) for multiple sessions. It is also common when you purchase more than a pair of contiguous seats to receive seat numbers in a piggyback configuration within the same box. Piggyback seats just mean one person sitting in the row in-front of the other.

Loge-Level Seats

Loge level seats are one level up from the courtside seats and provide a very nice view of the tennis action. The loge includes sections 101-136 with most of these sections containing rows A-N. Fans who want a special experience can purchase seats in Row A of the Loge Section which is the front row of those Loge seats. Sections 110 and 128 in the Loge are at midcourt, while Sections 118-120 and 136, 101-102 are behind the servers. A nice option in this area is Loge 134, which are in the corner and sometimes noticeably cheaper than Loge seats on the baseline. The shaded sections of the Loge seats are one the West side of the court where the Chair Umpire sits, and include Sections 124 to 134.

Promenade Seats

Promenade seats (aka: Prom) is the top level of the venue (or the upper-deck). The prom includes sections 301 to 340, is the highest level in Arthur Ashe and stadium seating. It is one contiguous level with rows A-O classified as Lower Promenade and rows P-Z classified as Upper Promenade. Promenade tickets are a great way to the US Open at a cheaper price, as the tickets in this area will be less expensive than Courtside or Loge seats. For the day sessions, the seats on the East side of the Promenade are facing the sun (e.g.- Sections 308-314). For night sessions, bring a sweater or dress warm as it can be chilly in the higher rows of the Prom.

Pro tips
Promenade tickets can often be purchased at prices below the cost of grounds admission passes, and all promenade tickets include full grounds access. So buy a prom seat instead of a grounds pass and you will expand the areas you have access to watch tennis.

For day sessions, sitting on the West side of the stadium will help you avoid the sun. Sections 329-333 and 124-134 often have great shade during day matches.

The umpire's chair is located in-front of Courtside Sections 52 & 53 at Ashe Stadium.

Fans attending matches in Arthur Ashe Stadium who sit in the Courtside Boxes or Luxury Suites, can access the Aces Club (seafood/sushi) or Championship Bar & Grill (chop house). Those VIP areas offer guests the opportunity to purchase premium food and beverages. Fans in the Loge or Promenade can purchase an Aces Club pass to access this area. Reservations can be made for those who call in advance.

The signature drink at the US Open Tennis Tournament is the Honey Deuce. We have had them, and they are delicious, so try a couple.


Best Seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium

  • Courtside 35 & 36: Many fans consider the best views at Arthur Ashe Stadium to be behind the baseline, so we recommend Courtside 35 and 36. These sections are centered behind the baseline and are so close to the action that you can almost touch the players. When the players change sides you will have the chance to experience competitors up close and personal. There are only 8 rows in each section, making entry and exit easy, no matter which row you sit in. The best views in the house, and easy entry, make Courtside 35 & 36 a recommended place to sit at the US Open

  • Courtside 47: Fans looking for a unique interaction with the players should sit in Courtside 47. Located just outside the tunnel where the players enter and exit. The players walk right by Courtside 47 on their way in and out of the stadium. While there are no guarantees, fans sitting in the first couple of rows frequently get opportunities to receive autographs from players, and are the last fans to congratulate the players as they leave the court. The views from courtside are good, but this section is all about interacting with the players.

  • Loge 134: The best section for fans on a budget is Loge 134. These loge corner seats are often noticeably cheaper than baseline seats, while offering almost the same quality of views. This section is also shaded for many of the day matches, and is much closer to the action than the cheaper seats in the promenade. Great prices, great views, and shade, make Loge 134 the top choice for bargain hunters looking for good seats.

Louis Armstrong Stadium

The 14,000 seat Louis Armstrong Stadium features a retractable roof and was designed with a louvered façades to maintain natural ventilation. Courtside seating (Sections 1-18) is reserved only and is available for sessions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. General admission areas open to those with Grounds Admission is on the second level above the courtside seats. The midcourt tickets at Louie Armstong are Sections 5 and 14, which split the net. The umpires chair is located in-front of Section 5.

Grandstand at National Tennis Center

The Grandstand at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is the third most important court of the tournament. Like Louis Armstrong courtside seating is reserved and there is a general admission area above the courtside level. The stadium is the coziest of the three main courts 8,125 capacity. The sections at the Grandstand include Sections 1-22. Sections 6, 7 and 17, 18 are the center court sections. The umpire's chair is located in-front of Sections 6 & 7.

Grounds Passes at US Open

US Open tennis tournament events and tickets marked as Grounds Admission Only are General Admission grounds passes. Grounds Passes allow fans access to watch the matches on the courts surrounding Arthur Ashe Stadium and in the upper-deck of Louis Armstrong Stadium. Grounds admission passes do not provide entry to Arthur Ashe Stadium or the lower-level reserved seats at Louis Armstrong Stadium. However fans who purchase US Open tickets to Arthur Ashe Stadium do have the same grounds access as patrons with Grounds Passes are provided.

Grounds Passes are the typically the least expensive way to attend the US Open Tennis Tournament (although Promenade seats can sometimes be cheaper). Tennis fans who want cheap US Open tickets will want to consider grounds passes, although they are only available to purchase for a limited number of days. US Open Grounds Passes are available for the first eight day sessions of the tournament, but not on the sessions after that.

Suites & Premium Seating

Arthur Ashe Stadium has two levels of suites located between the Courtside level and Promenade. Suites typically accommodate 20 guests and are sold in whole or in part depending on the sellers preference. Suites are rarely listed online, so reach out to us directly if you are interested in a US Open suite. We may be able to help on a suite, and can certainly help on premium seats at the Open.

If you need help selecting the right tickets, or have questions, for the US Open then please reach out to us. One of our tennis experts, who have attended the US Open multiple times, can help you navigate through the Open ticket buying. Finally, if the info we have shared here on attending the US Open has helped you, then please consider sharing that.

US Open Tennis Tournament FAQs

The US Open brings tennis fans from across the country to New York for the tourney. Most fans choose to attend multiple days to make the experience more substantial, and improve their odds of seeing a tennis superstar in a session they attend. The most popular sessions for fans are the championship session: Session 25 is the Men's Final and Session 24 is the Women's Final. Session 23, Session 22 and Session 21 are also hugely popular as they include the Men's Semifinals and Women's Semifinals. In our opinion, it's hard to beat attending Session 21 where you will see both Women's Semifinals plus some of the Doubles Semifinal action on the outer courts.

Where are the Sections in the shade at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Fans who attend a day session at the US Open want to consider whether or not they are okay to sit in the sun. The sections on the East side of the Stadium are going to face the sun, and be in total sun for the duration of the day sessions. That means the sections on the West side of stadium will have shade during the day sessions. If you want to sit in the shade at the US Open then consider Sections 324-335 in the Promenade, while also considering Sections 336-301 on the end which stay predominantly in the shade. The Loge sections in the shade at Arthur Ashe Stadium include Sections 124-134 and some parts of Sections 135-103 on the end. An easy way to remember this is to sit on the same side as the Chair Umpire. The evening sessions at the US Open are not impacted by the sun.

What times do the gates open for a day session?

The day matches at the US Open will typically begin at Noon, with the gates opening as early as 10am. Make sure to check the schedule on the day of your session, as these times are subject to change.

What times do the gates open for an evening session?

For evening matches that being at 7pm, the gates are typically open by 6pm.

How can I find out when my favorite player is scheduled to play?

The order of play is updated nightly once the tournament begins. Roger Federer is hands down the most popular player for fans to see play at the US Open, so expect to see huge demand for tickets for any session that Federer plays in.

What is the best way to get to the US Open?

The US Open is played on the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, which is in Queens, New York. From Manhattan, you can either take the #7 subway train, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), or use a car service. The train drops off at Mets Willet Point a short walk from the tennis center. Many fans prefer to purchase a US Open parking pass and drive to the Open. The 3 more popular parking lots are Lot A (right next to Arthur Ashe), Lot H and Lot F (the cheapest). Another option is to take a car service or ride share (Uber or Lyft), but if you do this make sure you pre-arrange transportation home because many fans have felt frustrated trying to secure an Uber/Lyft to pick them up after a night session at the Open.

Does the US Open offer free parking?

There is no free parking at the US Open (that we know of), but there are cash lots in the area and parking passes are available for purchase on our site. There are multiple lots to choose from around the USTA National Tennis Center, with Lot A offering the closest proximity to Ashe Stadium. Attendees are expected to have a pass for each session, even if attending multiple sessions on the same day.

Where can I purchase a US Open Tennis Package?

Our team of tennis experts can help you customize a US Open Tennis Package which includes Tickets to the sessions of your choice, Hotel accommodations + More.

US Open Tennis Ticket Info

Where can I buy US Open Tennis Tickets?

We have US Open Tennis tickets available to purchase. Select the US Open Tennis date you want and then shop our bountiful supply of tickets to find the right ones. TicketCity is a ticket reseller who offers fans the opportunity to purchase US Open Tennis tickets from ticket experts who have served over 1 Million customers. Our goal is to make it easier to buy tickets, but we are not the venue box office, nor the official ticket site of the US Open Tennis. Our order guarantee protects your order and makes sure you receive your tickets on-time.

How much do US Open Tennis Cost?

We offer a wide variety of tickets for events, so we can accommodate all price ranges. The US Open Tennis tickets listed for sale on our site are owned, priced, and fulfilled by the ticket seller. Prices may be above, or below, face value. Fans who want cheap US Open Tennis tickets can use our event page filters to arrange the inventory by the lowest priced tickets. Or join our email list to receive the latest deals, promos and special offers on events near you.

US Open Tennis

There are currently no US Open Tennis tickets available, but please join our email list below and check back later as we are constantly adding new events. We offer Tickets + More for over 100,000 events, including many 2022 Tennis tickets. Fans can get tickets, a parking pass, a suite, event hospitality or even request seats to an event. In business since 1990, we are the experts on live events.

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