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For over one hundred years The Ringling Bros. Circus has been providing fun, entertainment, and exhilaration for families all over the world.   The Ringling Brothers Circus has a prestigious history in show business and is the gold standard in the traditional American-style Circus.  The show was founded by the seven Ringling brothers in the early 1880’s.  In 1907 the brothers were so successful that they joined with to the Barnum & Bailey Circus.  Their Ringling Bros. Circus shows have been thrilling audiences ever since.

While “the big top” is a little different these days, the Ringling Bros. Circus still travels from town to town with the Blue, Red, and Gold versions of its shows.  Traveling by train, each show’s train measures over a mile in length!  No city sees the same show twice.  Performances match animal and human performers and together they push their skills to the limits.  This new, modern version of the circus has the same production standards as some Broadway and Las Vegas shows.

The latest and greatest versions of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus combine fun, exhilaration and learning opportunities.  Parents and kids expand their knowledge of geography, fitness, animal care, and science.  HEAR the big cats roar!  SEE the gravity defying acrobatics! LAUGH until your sides ache with funniest circus clowns ever!  Its fabulous family fun and the greatest show on earth!  Step right up and buy Ringling Bros Circus tickets today and experience the excitement of the circus in-person!

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